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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Happy May, folks! With (the terrors of) Slope Day past and finals approaching quickly, I’d say that summer’s well on its way. In celebration of my new class-less state and the excellent weather, I spent several merry hours admiring the natural beauty down by the lake that’s not part of Cornell’s enormous campus.

I’m starting to sound like a college brochure now, so here! Have some pictures instead!



Although the weather was surprisingly cold for such a beautiful sunny day, no summery lunchtime picnic (a quick stop at Wegmans’ Mediterranean Bar provided such nom-essentials as kalamata olives, baba ghanoush, and roasted sun-dried tomates) is complete without ice cream.

Considering its fame, Ithaca’s Purity Ice Cream seemed the logical choice. My family stopped in at this adorable little parlour near the Sciencenter over the summer, and I’ve never run into a Cornellian who’s had anything less than complimentary to say about the place.

Right as I was deciding between Boomberry (a blackberry ice cream with various other fruit-filled treats) and one of many variations on Cookies and Cream, however, the “Allergy Information” sheet hanging near the ordering line revealed a hideous truth:

All Purity brand ice cream flavors contain egg and gelatin. 

Now, I’m not a vegan (anymore). I wasn’t bothered by the first part: heck, I expected it! It was the second item in the list that inspired a sudden “I’m going to write an angry blog post about this!”

Maybe it’s just because I’m from Hawai’i (where people think “vegetarian” means “Meat is okay in this food as long as it’s really small and you can’t see it”) but I think Ithaca has a pretty big vegetarian population. That said, why would an ice cream parlour (such an innocent, delightful place, too!) use gelatin in everything?¬†

Non-Purity raspberry sorbet satisfied my ice cream needs in the end, but it is a little unreasonable to make¬†vegetarians choose between Soy Dream or Dreyer’s when their more omnivorous counterparts get to benefit from Purity’s actual flavors.

Okay, quick break from the crankiness. Check out how gorgeous my sorbet was anyway.

This alarming information ultimately sent me into an investigative tizzy. I decided that it was absolutely necessary for me to get the inside scoop on Cornell‘s ice cream.

Sadly, I personally never experienced the joy of real Cornell Dairy ice cream: the dairy itself has been under construction since right before I was a freshman. Cornell’s recent partnership with Perry’s means that, although their flavors are yummy, it’s not quite Big Red authentic.

Of all the quirky Perry’s flavors, though, I’m most obsessed with Berry-Go-Round (blackberry ice cream with a chocolate cookie crumble swirl). My friend and I literally cackle with glee whenever we see one of those tubs of purple ice cream in a dining hall. Could my days of blissfully ignorant Berry-Go-Roundin’ be over?

A little quick internet snooping proved that B-G-R is completely vegetarian. Thank goodness! Purity, shame on you–surely you can find a less weird way of manufacturing your equally delicious flavors. Please?