Every Minute Counts

I’ve heard the admonishments and sales pitches before. “Adults should exercise for 30 minutes each day.” And while I would love to be able to accomplish that goal I was also realistic.  I had six college classes, three jobs, and hours of reading and homework each day that had to get done…not to mention that recommendation of eight hours of sleep and something that looked like three meals a day.  Unfortunately, I always fell short of that exercise goal; life just kept getting in the way.

However, over winter break, I have made it my goal to use the time away from the classroom to get in the habit of exercising.  Another great motivator is that the Y that I work for is holding a staff fitness challenge entitled “Every Minute Counts.” The premise is simple: for every minute you are “exercising” your team gets one point.  Now the reason a put “exercising” in quotations is because the time I’m working as a swim instructor and moving around in the water with my students count as time! That way, even when I have to work, I gain points for my team!

Another great motivator was that my Dad bought me the Wii Fit Plus game with the Balance Board! The beauty of this is that now I have an excuse to play video games, steal the TV away from my boyfriend, AND workout in the convenience of my own apartment.  One of the biggest frustrations for me is that I enjoy exercising with a group of people.  Whether it is playing a pick-up game of basketball or attending one of the fitness classes at the Y, I think it’s more fun when you work out with someone! Unfortunately my work and class schedule often forced me to workout at random times.  But now, with Wii Fit, I compete against Russ (and beat him most of the time) and that continues to motivate me each day! Wii Fit also tracks my progress for me and gives me hints on how to reach my exercise goal! It has been great to be able to use my break towards getting back in shape and making sure that every minute counts!


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