A Pretty Cool Cornell Alum (and friend!)

I just want to take a minute to talk about a friend of mine who is doing something pretty cool this “semster”.

My friend Brandon Imp, who I know through the Schwartz Centre, (he started the semesterly “24 Hour Playfests” at Cornell  and I met him when I participated in the first one my freshman spring semester – I’ll talk more about this in another entry) graduated a semester early this December.

Brandon is one of the (many) students who took advantage of the open theatre department that Cornell offers as he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences but still got to participate in theatre classes and productions. Right now though, (before he eventually makes his way to medical school) instead of sitting around for the semester he is hiking the Appalaichan Trail! I think that’s a pretty awesome reason to graduate early.

He’s currently keeping a blog about his adventures, along with two other friends, and I wanted to point you all toward the link:


Check out what he’s doing for the spring and let him know that I sent you!

Brandon, the adventurer himself.
Brandon, the adventurer himself.

2 thoughts on “A Pretty Cool Cornell Alum (and friend!)”

  1. Hey, I was not aware of the open theatre department of Cornell. I would like to know more about.

    Brandon seems a smart guy. I already visited his blog and read “the water spigot”. I’ll let him know you sent me 🙂

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