Rush Week

I just wanted to do a quick post to kind of debrief my first year on the other side of formal sorority recruitment. I could go on about my schedule for each day, but that might be kind of boring for both of us,  haha.

Overall… I had fun! I really did. Everyone says that recruitment is more fun for boys and “pledging” (which we call the “new member period”) is more fun for girls. The week did seem pretty long, and it was exhausting since there were several days we didn’t get out until after 11pm but it was  great to get to spend so much time with my sisters.


1) I LOVE dancing. I’ll dance to anything. So obviously I was pretty excited when we were supposed to rock out everytime a group of “potential new members” (also known as PNMs – some recruitment lingo for you) entered or exited our house. On average you get about 6-7 groups a day, so we danced a lot! We got huge speakers and set them up in the foyer, making sure we were loud enough to wake up the boys who live in the fraternity across the street… and next door… and two doors down.

2) I also got to put the skills I learned in directing class to excellent use and got to direct our skit for skit round! I think we definitely produced some quality theatre, the Tony nomination should come anytime now. Acutally, this may not be the highlight of my career, but it was so much fun to work on. And I’m pretty sure I’ll never have to work with someone on the impression of the guy from “The Hangover” again.


1) When you live in a house with 40+ girls getting ready in the morning can be interesting. Fortunately during classes we all have different schedules, so I’ve never had to wait for a shower. Rush week is a different case… we all need to be ready and downstairs at the same time. We learned early in the week that if you wake up a few minutes later than everyone else, you’re going to have a COLD shower. This meant that we all kept trying to wake up earlier than everyone else to get some of the hot water.

2) We also had very long days. Very. The first round of each day started around 9 or 10 o’clock. The last round usually ended around dinner time. By the time we were done everything we needed to do to get ready for the next day, it was pretty late.

In the end though, even though we were all exhausted by the last day, we got a group of amazing new girls who I’m so excited to get to know better.

I’ll leave you with a picture of our reaction to the end of recruitment 2010 🙂

More dancing!
More dancing!

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