Travel Stories Part II

But the travel stories don’t end yet. The trip back to campus was just as eventful.

It seems the weather doesn’t want winter break to end either, because there has been a snow storm or some type of weird weather every year just at the time I’m trying to get back to Cornell.

This year my flight from home was delayed. Not a big surprise, I have bad luck with flights. Normally this isn’t a big deal, but this time I had to catch a connecting flight in Ottawa.

Just before landing, the flight attendant announce that I would have 42 minutes to make my flight. I ran off the plane as soon as the door opened at the gate and tried my best to follow the American flags that were supposed to take me to the American connections.

After some wrong turns I made it to the second security gates, but didn’t realize I had passed the area where I was supposed to pick up my bags. Some airport employees pointed me in the right direction and I ended up in another line. (Cool sidepoint: The line next to mine was reserved just for the Ottawa Senators hockey team! They weren’t flying that day though :P)

When I got to the front of the line I told the lady behind the desk which flight I was on and how many bags I had. She told me I was cutting it close with time and called the gate to tell them I would be there soon. Then she took me into this little room by myself where my bags were magically waiting for me.

Next I lugged my bags through security again and dropped them off before customs.

After chatting to the customs officer about her niece that went to Cornell I finally made it to the main terminal just in time to hear them calling my name over the PA system.

I ran to the gate and made it just in time to walk on the plane before they shut the doors.

But it doesn’t end there… After arriving in New York City, I missed the bus from Port Authority to Ithaca by FIVE MINUTES and had to wait two hours for the next bus. Ahhhh.

But my long day of travelling was made so much better when I was greeted at the bus stop with big hugs from two of my sorority sisters 🙂

It’s good to be back!

2 thoughts on “Travel Stories Part II”

  1. I doubt this makes you feel any better at all, but both times I have travelled to Nova Scotia, getting there and back was a hassle beyond all reason.

    The ferry was MUCH better than the airlines, though. 🙂

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