Good News

There’s a blog written by a Cornell student that I like to check once in awhile. He usually researches and writes about the history of some buildings on campus or in the Cornell area, but once in awhile he’ll have some news updates on what’s going on around here that we may not have heard about in the Sun. If you’re interested in checking it out it’s called: Ithacating in Cornell Heights. I recommend it; he’s got the background for most of the Greek houses on campus and recently wrote and interesting entry on Willard Strait.

Anyway, I’m not bringing this up because I like his blog… the other day he gave us good news to make the fast approaching winter a little less depressing. Apparently 2009-2010 is an El Nino year. I’m no meteorologist, but from what this blogger writes, that means the Northeast (including Ithaca) will probably have a warmer winter than average this year! Other El Nino years seem to have been an average of around 5 degrees warmer.

I’m not usually one to complain about the weather in Ithaca (seriously, I’m Canadian), but a possibly warmer winter is definitely not a bad thing. He does, however, have a disclaimer at the end of his post: 5 degrees warmer in January is still pretty cold in Ithaca. Very true.

OK, I’m done thinking about the Winter right now though. The leaves have been starting to change around here and it’s really really pretty but I’m not completely ready to let go of the beautiful summer weather.

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