Love Songs

I made it through to the weekend! I feel like I can do anything now after I survived this week. Actually, it wasn’t that bad, the due dates for multiple things just ended up on the same days on top of other stuff I had to accomplish before the week was over.

However, instead of going right home to nap yesterday (Friday) after classes were over, I walked down to the Schwartz to see the black box show “Love Song”. One of the cool things about the theatre department here, is that sudents can apply to put on shows or do explorations as part of the black box series at the Schwartz Centre. If your proposal is accepted, you get to use the resources at the Schwartz to do your project plus a mentor who gives you any guidance you need. From my experience, the people who apply usually direct themselves, but it’s also good for playwrights looking to do a staged reading or just trying something new with a classic play.

This Friday I went to see a play directed my friend Kelly called “Love Song”. Pretty much everyone¬† (if not everyone) involved in the show was a student, from the lighting designer, to the costume designer and the stage manager. I’d heard a lot about the show from Kelly and my friends who were in it, but I didn’t know what to expect. I definitely didn’t expect it to be completely hilarious! AND the audience was packed! It was a great show, and we were all so proud & happy that Kelly’s first big directing project had turned out so well.

The Love Song Poster
The Love Song Poster

We went upstairs after the show to the green room (the room in the Schwartz where you could find theatre majors sleeping/working/hanging out probably anytime of the day) and had a little opening night party to congratulate everyone involved in the show. One of the Schwartz staff members also made a cake to look like the poster, it was pretty awesome (see the picture below).

The cake Terry made for the "Love Song" opening. I took this from her blog:
The cake Terry made for the "Love Song" opening. I took this from her blog:

In other news: I signed a lease this week for housing next year! I’ll be living in Collegetown less than 5 minutes from the Schwartz. Very excited : ) Not thinking about the fact it’ll be my senior year…

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  1. hi there!

    I’m also interested in a theatre arts major/musical theatre.
    I was just wondering if you are worried about getting out of college and acting right away. My mom really wants me to attend Hofstra (don’t get me wrong, i really like hofstra) b/c she says I’ll b able to get an internship on broadway cuz hofstra has connections. But I live in NYC now and I don’t think I want to be here for all of my life, so Broadway kinda goes “bye-bye.”
    Basically, what are your plans for after college involving acting? I just need to know that a great education in the theatre arts won’t be wasted just cuz i’m not attending a university in the heart of the theatre world. Obviously, my decision could change and I may want to work on Broadway after college… who knows?
    Ok i’ll stop blabbing. I’d just appreciate it if you answered the q’s that you can cuz some of them are personal and you may have no idea.
    Thank you very much,

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