Jugatae Luncheon with Niklas Wahlberg, 2013 Griswold Speaker

The Jugatae club will have a graduate student lunch on Monday 3/25 with Professor Niklas Wahlberg, the 2013 Griswold speaker.  Hosted by Drs. Jim Liebherr and Jason Dombroskie,  Wahlberg will give a seminar entitled “Elucidating reasons behind massive radiations in Lepidoptera over 215 million years.”  Dr. Wahlberg is currently a University Researcher at the Laboratory of Genetics, Department of Biology, University of Turku. His main area of research is the systematics and evolution of the butterfly family Nymphalidae. Special thanks to Jugatae secretary, Heather Connelly (Greg Loeb lab) and Sara Ali (Jennifer Thaler Lab) for organizing the event.

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