About my Classes

Currently, the main purpose of my life is to learn. I am most interested in Physics and am aiming for a major in Applied and Engineering Physics. I am also very interested in Cognitive Studies, History, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

I graduated from Scarsdale High School in 2006.

I started classes at Cornell University in summer 2006 as class of 2010.

Cornell classes taken:

Rising Freshman Summer (FST):

Freshman Writing Seminar
Chemistry 207

Freshman Semester 1:

Freshman Writing Seminar
Computer Science 100j (java)
ENGRI Lasers
Math 192 (multi variable)

Freshman Semester 2:

Computer Science 211
Physics 217 (Honors Electricity and Magnetism)
Math 293 (Differential Equations)
ENGRD 264 (Computer Instrumentation Design)
Linguistics 101 (Intro Linguistics)

Rising Sophomore Summer:

History 267 (History of Rome I)
Math 294 (Linear Algebra)

Sophomore Semester 1:

Psych 101 (Intro Psychology)
A&EP 321 (Mathematical Physics)
A&EP 363 (Electronic Circuits)
PHYS 218 (Waves&Thermal Physics)

Sophomore Semester 2:

A&EP 322 (Mathematical Physics II)
ASTRO 332 (Elements of Astrophysics)
ENGRD 270 (Basic Statistics)
CS 312 (Functional Programing)

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