Drinking at Cornell

Last semester I turned 21 and got interested in what was with the whole drinking thing.  I can’t say turning 21 was what really got me try out drinking as I don’t have any serious qualms with underage drinking, but it did make me feel as though it was time for me to find out why so many people enjoy it so much. There is always so much talk about it, I wanted to see for myself.  I suppose I didn’t try it out earlier because far too often freshman year I would see the “results” of parties.  There was just too much overindulgence and loss of control; it by no means inspired me to check out what was going on.

So I tried out some frat parties to see what they are like.  Well, they were pretty much what I expected; many people in small spaces, darkness and blaring music, the smell of alcohol, bad perfume and sweat.  As you descend towards a crowded dance floor the temperature drastically increases.  Needless to say, it really isn’t my thing, but I can now kinda understand the draw it has for some people.  A sort of mass hypnosis and blinding of the senses, a way to forget what’s going on.

But frat parties aren’t the only places to drink at Cornell (although perhaps the main ones for those underage), there are also a lot of bars in Ithaca.  I haven’t been to many of them, but the ones I have been to are pretty cool.  They’re often dark, crowded, and loud, but not nearly as gross as a frat parties.  I go into a bar and I’m like “Wow, everyone in here is old, I wonder why that is.  It’s as if everyone here is 21 or older.”  It’s definitely a very different, more relaxed environment.  It can be pretty expensive, but whatever, it’s worth it.

So I’ve learned that in moderation, drinking can actually be kinda fun in a strange sort of mind-numbing way.  It is disappointing though that many of my friends are still under 21 and can’t go to bars yet.  There is growing support for reducing the drinking age, which I am in favor of.  President Skorton isn’t though.