Halfway There

The Slope on Slope DayThere has been a ton of stuff that’s happened since my last post long ago in April. Well to sum it up, I survived the semester. I passed all of my classes and did alright on 3 of the 4 (let’s not talk about the 4th….). The end of the semester was fun. There was CornellCon, with anime, video games, and sword fighting in late April and of course Slope Day in early May. Last slope day I was stuck finishing up a lab, but this year I had some free time and actually went. Partying isn’t really my thing, but it was fun just to wander around and check out the scene. I also went through the cool underground tunnel from Olin Library to Uris Library that’s open on slope day. I took some cool pictures of the slope from Uris, too bad McGraw tower was closed (I actually still have never been up there shame on me).

Ho PlazaSo two years down, two more to go. Sophomore year was a good year, although not without its share of difficulties. Things could have better, things could have been worse, but what’s important is that I avoided disaster and stuck with things. After two years of classes I have narrowed down my interests to Physics (huge range of topics), Astronomy, Computer Science, and possibly Math. The more I learn about them, the more I find out how little I actually know. There is so much cool stuff out there to learn, unfortunately I’m too lazy to learn everything I’d like to : ( But I have two years left and I hope to make the best out of them. I know I’ll have a tremendous amount of work to do, but considering how much I’ve learned from the past two years of mostly intro classes, I’m really excited about continuing my education and hope I can keep with it.