Switching Classes

Oh Ithaca, how you amuse meAlthough I wrote how I was enjoying MATH 311 (Intro to Analysis) a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t like the pace of the the course during the second week. I was liking the material, but the math just wasn’t as rigorous as I had hoped and anticipated for. Luckily there is an honors version of the class (MATH 413) this semester and it doesn’t conflict with my schedule. I talked to the professor and sat in on a lecture. Although this class is much more difficult, it was more of what I was looking for, so I decided to switch to the honors course.

I’ve actually never switched classes after they have started before, probably because I was just too lazy to change anything. In retrospect there was definitely some classes I should have changed or dropped after the first couple weeks, but oh well it’s in the past now. Anyway, switching was rather simple, it’s still within the deadline to add a class and I made the change in add/drop in 10 seconds. One problem was that the classes use different textbooks. I bought the honors textbook at the Cornell Store to do the homework while the textbook I bought used online for way cheaper was in the mail. The Cornell Store often doesn’t have a very good price for textbooks, but I love their return policy of 7 days after purchase or 3 days after drop for a full refund. So although it’s a little annoying, I didn’t lose any money from switching textbooks.

Being overloaded with awesome classes as I am, I hope I don’t end up regretting this decision. I love challenging classes, but I hate doing all the hard work required for them. It’s kind of a problem.