Before you plant a vineyard…. A wine lovers dream of creating a vineyard of his own; by Chris Matthews

Hudson Valley Specific:
Hudson Valley Vineyard Site Selection

New York State Specific:
NY State Vineyard Site Assessment and Grape Related Resources
Site Specific Vineyard Site Evaluation
Information on Vinifera varieties for NY and the Northeast
General information on site selection, grape varieties, and grape production practices
Growing Vitis Vinifera in NYS
Soil pH and Mineral Nutrition of Vitis vinifera Varieties

Winter Grape Bud Assessments:
NY State Bud freezing temperatures monitoring for 2015-2016

Pest Management:
In 2013 we began Spotted wing drosophila studies to determine ovipositional preference for Hudson Valley grape varieties:

Grape clusters were selected from the Hudson Valley Laboratory ‘cold hardiness’ vineyard on 16 August with preference to varieties nearing harvest. Selected berries were removed from the cluster, subsampled and analyzed for Brix value, with 4 berries of each variety, weighed with stems and checked for damage before being introduced to paired SWD. In choice and non choice tests, 10 adult SWD (5 M/ 5F) were anesthetized, using 5-minute exposure to cold temperatures (45 F), and placed in containers with moisture wicks and 4 berries / variety. Flies were sealed with berries for 48 hours, after which time fruit was inspected for ovipositional sites for eggs and larva with time allowance made for larval development to include pupal stage. Numbers above bars represent the mean brix of a 2 berry juice analysis.

Grape Variety Testing for SWD oviposition: Choice, no choice tests.
From this initial study it appears that SWD oviposition can occur in HV grape varieties, which may require preventative control measures if adults are present in the vineyard. However, it is important to note that only field collected samples of Leon Millot and the 144 strain of Pinot Noir contained Drosophila oviposition from which we were able to rear SWD adults in 2013. In 2012 we did see oviposition of Drosophila eggs in sound Vignoles berries yet were unable to rear out adult SWD.

2015 Winter Fruit School; Grape Session (Thursday, Feb 12th)
Research Update: Invasive Insects in Berry Crops

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