…whoa nelly, the cabin lights are purple

I decided last Wednesday to fly back home to LA to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day.  As much as I like to seize the day and embrace spontaneity, tickets for Virgin America were MAD CHEAP (as in <$250 round trip), and that pushed me over the edge.

While travel can be a pain, I had nothing to complain about with my flights.  In fact, with Bryant hyping up Virgin Amerca, I couldn’t wait to get on the plane.  Virgin America’s planes are hip and have the hookups, literally; they offer WiFi and live TV on their flights.  Instead of busting out an IPod, I browsed through their music library and formed my own playlist.  There’s even in-flight chat.  I didn’t use it, but it’s a potentially cute and/or creepy way to contact a cute boy you see up 2 rows.  The tray tables are not the generic gray blah:  they are shiny white plastic!  Walking onto the plane, I felt like I entered a night club instead of a potentially-claustrophobic cabin; did I mention the cabin lights are purple?

36 hours in LA was surreal and fleeting, but the smile on my mother’s face was worth the 30 hours of travel.

2 thoughts on “…whoa nelly, the cabin lights are purple”

  1. Virgin America is awesome. I had the same feels-like-a-nightclub revelation when I flew them out to SFO in 2007. Can’t wait to find another excuse to fly VA, haha.

  2. I have tried a few of the Airline before, Delta, AA, Continental and UA, but unfortunately I have never tried one out in VA, your post give me the urge to try to fly VA…yoohoo, VA, here I come…….

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