Mulchin’ around

My friend Mike (the tall one) is on the Board of Cornell Tradition and coordinated a National Volunteer Week kickoff event a few weeks ago.  A team of students met up on Saturday and dispersed around various sites in Ithaca for a one-day service project.  Team Mike, which included myself and a few of my close friends, was sent to the Ithaca Children’s Garden by the lake, and we were in for a full day’s worth of shoveling and sawing.

Is it sad when I say that before Saturday, I had never pushed a wheelbarrow or used a pitchfork?  I learned the hard way that you cannot roll a wheelbarrow with one hand…I guess living in suburbia really only teaches you how to play a mean game of roller hockey and pop wheelies with your bike.  As a first timer, my eyes lit up when I saw that pile of mulch by the toolshed.  One of the projects was to pitchfork the mulch into wheelbarrows, then transport the goods to the other side of the garden and spread the mulch to kill the weed grass.  Scooping the mulch was hard work–watching the spores fly around the mulch area wasn’t that comforting either, but by the end of the day, the garden was spruced up and ready for the kids.

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  1. Jen, if you’re really fond of schlepping mulch around, my garden could use some attention. 🙂

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