Hitting up Las Vegas

The Lin Family decided to spend Christmas with our closest family friends who moved out to Sin City a couple of years ago.  I’m not 21, which makes a trip to Las Vegas somewhat less lively.  No matter how flashy the shows, how bright the lights, I can’t enjoy the casino part of the Strip.  Well, that and alcohol.

Seems like many other Southern Californians decided to make the same short trip (4 hours by car), so our travel time totaled up to around 7 hours.  Everytime we go back to Vegas, it always looks a little different.  Think Just Around the Riverbend, you never step in the same river twice.  New hotels are always under construction.  Old hotels are getting demolished to make more room on the strip.  I’ve always loved the Stardust sign–no luck finding it on the strip this year.  I stepped into the Wynn hotel which opened up a few years ago.  Yes, I guess I’m behind on the Vegas update, because Encore, Wynn’s partner hotel, is now almost finished with construction.
While slots and other festivities are out of reach for the time being, there are other things to enjoy in Vegas.  The hotel lobbies are always very-well decorated.  The shows are getting bigger and better, and the food is scrumptious.  Lots of these good things are easy on the wallet as well.  You can walk down the strip and visit the hotels.  Price?  burning calories.  You can also stuff your face with the buffet selections.  Price?  stuffed stomach.  It’s all a cycle anyway, since you’ve already walked around so much earlier in the day.

I’m not completely bummed out about not playing the slots, I don’t have an interest in that sort of thing.  Rather, it is just pure curiosity.  I mean, how cool would it be to just drop a penny in the penny slots and then have $300 pop out?  But for now, I’ll have to wait another half year.

New Years Eve 2008 anyone?

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