Ow…I am Sore.

On the advice of one of my sisters, and out of my own laziness to go out and run (hey, the rain followed me over to California, not my fault), I went to my first Bikram Yoga class yesterday. While you think yoga is soothing and light exercise as I assumed, this all melted away as I walked into the room.  The 100 degree sauna room.  From there, you go through a series of poses for an hour and a half, all while trying to find inner peace and balance.  And sweating a gallon or two.  What’s with the heat?  The idea is that a super heated room will flush out toxins and cleanse your body.  So with poses like this, and a rusty inflexible body like mine, you’re bound to leave with sore muscles…

After my first class, I didn’t think I had the self will to return, so I dragged my big Patricia along.  With a team effort, I’m sure we can both survive the one-week introductory period.

4 thoughts on “Ow…I am Sore.”

  1. “While you think yoga is soothing and light exercise…”

    Haha. I’m very glad you know what I think. Thanks for telling me.

  2. OMG. Can you actually bend like that?

    I don’t think I was that flexible coming out of the birth canal…let alone 30-something years later.

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