Status: Declared

I officially became an Economics major on Tuesday. It doesn’t feel any different. As an Arts & Sciences student, you have until the end of your sophomore year to decide on your major. Although I made up about 80% of my mind about Economics, I was still waiting it out to see if Economics was right for me.

…Okay I didn’t fool anyone, I am actually just another college student who procrastinated until the last minute to finally take action and get administrative stuff out of the way. I am also in the process of applying for my International Relations concentration, and if all goes smoothly, that should be squared away soon. A concentration is the equivalent of a minor at other universities. What’s special about International Relations at Cornell is that it is an interdisciplinary concentration; you can be enrolled in any undergraduate college and still concentrate in IR. A lot of the courses required for the IR concentration are also cross-listed with my Economics major, so some of my classes next semester will fulfill both major and concentration prerequisites. Two birds with one stone, good deal.

Applying for the major took about 5 seconds, so now I wish I could have done it a little earlier. CoursEnroll is coming up again, and now I’m having some scheduling troubles with next semester. My new advisor is super busy with graduating seniors as well as teaching a class, but I’m not too worried with my status right now. CoursEnroll is never really set in stone, so I still have Add/Drop Week in August to figure out my schedule. Hopefully by then, my advisor can point me in the right direction, and we’ll go from there.

Well, good-bye undeclared status, I’m off my my econ section now.