The Other V-word.

As fellow blogger Jenna promoted, the Vagina Monologues took over the Cornell campus by storm this past week. Since so many KD’s were in this production (a KD also directed this year’s show), it was only second nature to go and show my support for my sisters. However, upon telling the girls that I would be attending the show, their most common reaction was an incredulous “Jen Lin, YOU’RE going to the show?!”

Why such a shocked response? Well, you could say that I am a very sexually conservative person. I am that girl who gets the willies when anyone mentions anything between the torso and upper thigh region. I am that girl who has yet to fully love myself for being a grown woman. Blame it on my still flat-as-a-board chest, my lack of sexual prowess/experience. Blame it on my relatively shielded (compared to some people on campus) childhood. Although college has opened my eyes a bit, I still consider myself a space cadet/noob when it comes to anything related to the va-jay-jay. I don’t feel comfortable talking about it, and I don’t find any need to bring up this topic in everyday conversation. While going to the Vagina Monologues could be any other Saturday night for a person, it was a “you gotta give me a second here” event for me. I was worried that the monologues would be barrage of all things uncomfortable in my book.

For extra support, I rounded up the troops Courtney, Katy, and Cathleen. We decided we could take on the monologues together, and debrief/recuperate accordingly after the show. To my complete surprise, the show turned out to be very funny and very eye-opening at the same time. Yes, I can’t even count the number of times the v-word was said/screamed, but the monologues weren’t all just about sex and the va-jay-jay. Some of the monologues tackled serious issues such as rape and domestic violence, problems which are still rampant in the U.S., let alone the rest of the world. The monologues verbalized many of the frustrations women have regarding sexuality, the encumbrances and joys of being a women. It was relieving to hear that many women have the same thoughts as I do about all things body-related. So, I guess we aren’t alone when we’re thinking about what really goes on down there…

The Vagina Monologues t-shirt slogan can best describe my feelings after the show:

Viva la vulva!