Not to get too cheeseball or anything (remember, the collective emotional state of the Class of 2008 is a little bit nutjobesque right now due to the abrupt change in lifestyles and surroundings), but you know that old saying about Cornell being the “easiest Ivy to get into and the hardest one to graduate from”? I don’t think that refers to academics (although, given the Close Call of the Century that was my academic record, maybe that second part holds true for the curriculum).

See, I think it refers to the community and the people here. It was SO easy to make friends when we got here. Remarkably, I have, more or less, had the same core group of best friends — especially best girlfriends — since the 2nd day of freshman orientation. And leaving Cornell, because of the experience and because of them, was one of the most heartwrenching things I’ve ever gone through (hey, shut up, I’m only 21). Like the end of an 80’s movie, I’m going to put together a “where are they now” epilogue. ME FIRST:

  • I ended up landing a FANTASTIC job. After all that searching and interviewing, I was hired as the Assistant Editor at HotelChatter, the hotel news/reviews web magazine where I interned last summer. After deciding to pursue writing, I was looking around at a lot of print magazines and some PR firms; but ultimately, I love and respect both the editor and publisher at HotelChatter and I know my writing style fits in well there. There are tons of exciting things happening with them, and I could not have come on board at a more perfect time — it’s been a great experience so far. Plus, I mean, hotel reviews, a flexible schedule, 4-5 published articles a day and cool bosses? Who could ask for more? I’m working from home right now and I’m going to be moving to NYC on August 1st. I’m also working on a few freelance writing projects, small and large 🙂
  • Brett is moving to Las Vegas; since the day I met her, she has talked endlessly about her dream of one day running a Vegas casino — and now she’s going into the leadership training program at the Wynn Las Vegas.
  • Jordan is heading to NYC to work at Sirius Satellite Radio, a bit of a change from his original dream of being a meteorologist. But while at Cornell, he became the general manager of the local Ithaca radio station and, well, he found his calling.
  • Ashley graduated Phi Beta Kappa and is heading to UC Berkeley to pursue her PhD in Performance Studies.
  • Danielle has a million different options and has been traveling (like we all should have been doing) before she chooses one.
  • Nick is heading to an NY TV station to be a weatherman!
  • Tim is going to Boston to work in the management training program at his favorite hotel.
  • Ian is off to DC to work for a hotel brokerage, which probably allows him to utilize his skills as the world’s best BSer.

I will tell anyone who is worried about Cornell’s size this much: these people, over the last 4 years, became my second family. My girlfriends and I fought like sisters, but together we weathered the various storms that took the form of boyfriends, apartment troubles, the Greek system and, well, growing up — and I can say with confidence that those girls will be bridesmaids at my wedding (however, I cannot say with confidence that I will ever bother to get married).

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