What happened to senior year?

A day in the life of a second semester Cornell senior:

7:00 am: Wake up and do edits on finance research project.

10:00 am: Finance class. Lots of this is sounding familiar. Probably because I heard it last year…

11:30 am: Venture into Olin library for coffee. Startle friends who have never seen me in a library before. Startle self by successfully finding the coffee place.

12:20 pm: Derrida and the Philosophy of Hospitality. Or, a two-hour Arts and Sciences seminar with 4 A&S graduate students and two professors. Lots of sitting in silence for me; lots of insightful commentary for them.

2:55 pm: New Media Writing class. In here, I talk so much that I think everyone hates me. I am ok with this because I am geeking out.

4:15 pm: Preliminary interview with a paper that’s interviewing me for a web video thing about Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I sound awkward.
4:30 pm: Hold Hotel Ambassador info session for prospective new members.

5:00 pm: Meditation class. Nothing is better than sitting in silence for a long time in the middle of a crazy day. Except maybe getting physical education credit for literally sitting and doing nothing.

6:00 pm: Dinner and wine at the Regent Lounge in the Statler. There is a bar attached to my school.

7:30 pm: Desire class, in which we watch “Deep Throat.”

9:30 pm: Trudge through -6 degree temperature to return home and embark on a 6-hour marathon of writing my Daily Sun column, reworking my cover letter into something that will see the light of day, and writing a freelance piece about Valentine’s Day.

3:30 am: Bed.