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What happened to senior year?


A day in the life of a second semester Cornell senior:

7:00 am: Wake up and do edits on finance research project.

10:00 am: Finance class. Lots of this is sounding familiar. Probably because I heard it last year…

11:30 am: Venture into Olin library for coffee. Startle friends who have never seen me in a library before. Startle self by successfully finding the coffee place.

12:20 pm: Derrida and the Philosophy of Hospitality. Or, a two-hour Arts and Sciences seminar with 4 A&S graduate students and two professors. Lots of sitting in silence for me; lots of insightful commentary for them.

2:55 pm: New Media Writing class. In here, I talk so much that I think everyone hates me. I am ok with this because I am geeking out.

4:15 pm: Preliminary interview with a paper that’s interviewing me for a web video thing about Valentine’s Day tomorrow. I sound awkward.
4:30 pm: Hold Hotel Ambassador info session for prospective new members.

5:00 pm: Meditation class. Nothing is better than sitting in silence for a long time in the middle of a crazy day. Except maybe getting physical education credit for literally sitting and doing nothing.

6:00 pm: Dinner and wine at the Regent Lounge in the Statler. There is a bar attached to my school.

7:30 pm: Desire class, in which we watch “Deep Throat.”

9:30 pm: Trudge through -6 degree temperature to return home and embark on a 6-hour marathon of writing my Daily Sun column, reworking my cover letter into something that will see the light of day, and writing a freelance piece about Valentine’s Day.

3:30 am: Bed.

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“What happened to senior year?”

  1. February 13th, 2008 at 8:17 pm       Eunice Says:

    Wow! Is this what everyone at Cornell has to deal with?

More than you ever needed to know.

My name is Jenna and I’m a senior Hotel Administration major (you know you’re jealous). I came here from Plano, TX, a huge suburb of Dallas where the high school football teams and the retail shopping experiences are top-notch. I graduated in 2004 from Plano West Senior High, a two-year public high school with around 1800 students. I’m now in Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration where the entire school is smaller than my graduating senior class, but I like it that way. Although we’re allowed to concentrate in specific areas within the Hotel Administration major– Finance or Food and Beverage, for example– I  sort of spent the last 3 years dabbling in everything from culinary arts to hotel design to information systems. I’m thinking that I’d like to go into some sort of industry-related writing; maybe, like, travel magazine writing?

I’m just getting started on my senior year and could not be happier (or busier, really). I work as a Cornell tour guide, answering the phone for 254-INFO, working in the traffic/visitor information booths around campus, and writing back to those emails you send to info@cornell.edu. True to my Southern roots, I’m a member of a sorority, Kappa Delta, and lived in the house with 35 of my sisters sophomore year. I’m involved in various hotelie clubs and worked as a function manager for Hotel Ezra Cornell, a weekend-long event where hotelies take over the Statler Hotel and showcase their talents to hundreds of guests who just happen to be the most influential leaders in the global hospitality industry. In 2007-2008, I take over as the executive director of the Vagina Monologues as part of the nationwide V-Day movement to stop violence against women. Freshman year, I played clarinet in the Cornell Wind Ensemble, bass clarinet in the Cornell Symphony Orchestra, and a little bit of both in the Cornell Chamber Orchestra. I served as Director of Tours for the Hotel School and am now the president of the Hotel School Ambassadors, the group of fabulous hotelies that give tours to prospective students and act as mentors to newly admitted freshmen. Also, I am one of the founding members of the Hotel School Student Advisory Board, a group of SHA students who meet with academic deans to discuss curriculum and other things that will help continuously improve our fabulous school. On top of all that, I had a column in the Cornell Daily Sun junior year (called “Fast Times at Statler High”) and remain on the Sun Op-Ed Board my senior year. I am also an editor of a news blog run by an outside firm, as well as a writer at Hotelchatter.com. Plus, I go out on the weekends… really, I do have a life. Kind of.

This year’s mission: find a job or get into grad school. And, um, graduate.

      Other questions? Leave them in the comments section on any of my entries!