“Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty & meet me tonight in Atlantic City.”

This weekend, my Casinos class had a field trip to Atlantic City. I know, I know. Mandatory field trip to a bunch of casinos– you can just get all your hotelie jokes out of the way now.


So a couple of my friends and I drove up to Atlantic City on Thursday night and settled into our suite at the Borgata (which we got for an awesome rate, thank you Hotel School!)

Friday was kind of a big deal. We visited three different AC properties and talked to some bigwigs at each one– they all had presentations prepared for us and spoke about the Atlantic City market and, you know, explained what it’s like to run a casino. I still absolutely cannot fathom working at a property that has 4000 employees or more than, like, 150 rooms… but those 1000-room places operate like machines. Machines that make a ridiculous amount of money.

We spoke to the Borgata folks first and then headed over to the Trump Taj Mahal (which is sort of what I think of when I think of Atlantic City) and ended the day at Caesar’s. I tried to gamble a little bit on Saturday night, but I lost five dollars and did not enjoy it in the least. These days, all the machines print out little tickets instead of dispensing a bunch of coins when you win and it totally takes the fun out of it for me, you know? You’re supposed to be able to grab handfuls of dirty coins when you win something on a slot machine and feel like you’ve just won a fortune. Instead of a ton of coins, you get a little ticket that says you’ve just won $2.25. Yes. Not awesome.

Conclusions: I don’t want to work in a casino ever, I dig the Borgata (new! sleek! gorgeous!), and gambling is not kind to me. And now I have to go write a paper about it.