The Importance of Leadership Roles

When you first come in as a freshman, it is so important to explore all of the extracurricular possibilities on campus. Many freshman sign up for a bunch of clubs at Clubfest and then determine a solid 2-3 to stick with and drop the rest. It is ok to bounce around and try new things throughout your years here, but I think it’s super important to have something that is constant; something you can really invest your time in and build upon. It will not only give you something to look forward to outside of your school work, but it will also allow you opportunities for leadership roles.

Many people think of leadership roles as resume builders, but please realize that taking on a leadership role will mean giving up more of your time and energy. So when thinking about applying for a leadership role, make sure that you are personally invested in the mission of the organization and that you understand you will have to learn to balance your time well between the organization, homework, your social life, and your job. If you can do that, taking on a leadership role will be very rewarding!

Applying for a leadership role, especially when you know that several other people will be applying for the same position, can be intimidating. But what is the worse that can happen? You don’t get the position. Does that make you less smart or less worthy? Absolutely not! You just keep moving forward and gaining experience that will better prepare you for the next leadership opportunity. Don’t give up, especially after the first try. You won’t regret it!

Here are some tips to help you feel less anxiety while applying for leadership roles:

  • First, really weigh the pros and cons of taking on the particular role. Do you really have the time? Will other aspects of your life suffer? Do you fully understand the mission of the organization and the duties of your prospective role?
  • Start applying early. Do not wait for the night before the deadline. This will only bring on more anxiety and you will feel doubtful as to the quality of your application.
  • Don’t be afraid to highlight your accomplishments and your skills. Relate any previous experience you have to the requirements and qualities listed in the posting description. Remember, you are not applying for The Humble Award.
  • Do the best you can and then once you send it in release it from your mind. Do not think about what you could have done or what you forgot to say. It is over now and there is nothing you can do, so let it go.
  • Keep an eye open for other opportunities to keep yourself positive and occupied!


Good luck!


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Leadership Roles”

  1. We couldn’t agree more, Jaudia. Learning early to take on roles of leadership will help anyone in a future career, regardless of which path he or she chooses. Thank you for sharing your encouragement and tips on the value of being a strong leader! We’ve selected you along with 9 other college bloggers whose articles offer helpful tips or inspiration for others as our top ten college bloggers. You can read our article here: Please leave us a comment on the article, or contact us via email and we’ll send you the award emblem to share on your blog along with a little token of our appreciation (think Latte/Espresso).

  2. leadership can be sharpened by attending various trainings, seminars and group activities. but it is undeniable that leadership can also be obtained from the talent that I owned.
    however apartinya leadership but a poor reception from others because of the attitude that is not good.
    your article is pretty good too. thanks for sharing

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