A Must-Take Class

For many of us college is our first time away from our parents. We get here, we get a job, and we have to juggle all the wonderful options tmoneymanagementhat money gives us access to. I am mainly talking about online shopping. It is REALLY hard to manage your money well when you do not even know where to start. Isn’t it funny how even the most taboo of topics have become common place in our conversations but the topic of money is still avoided? Deciding to take HADM 3200: Personal Finance Management this semester is my attempt at trying to figure all of this out. Internalizing money questions and issues instead of reaching out for help can lead to a lot of stress and health problems. As students we are already racking up a good amount of debt that will hit us eventually, so why not develop good habits now so we can handle it later?

Professor Strebel breaks down intimidating terms and formulas into information thmoneymanagement2at is accessible, and then he makes sure that you understand it in terms of your own life. He even meets with each student for 15 minutes to understand your personal goals and he assigns a few exercises so that you can tease out your goals and create an actual plan that you will stick to and execute. My main goals are to (1) create a budget for myself that I can stick to, and (2) start saving money.Our first prelim is coming up on Wednesday so I am a bit nervous, but the important part is to leave this class knowing the information well. I will check in with you guys at the end of the semester to let you all know the final verdict on the course!



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