This student digital exhibition would not have been created without the assistance and helping hands of many people. It is the result of months of planning and collaboration, many hours of labors of love, and learning through trial and error.

Thanks to the librarians at the Rare and Manuscript Collections in the Olin and Kroch Library at Cornell University for maintaining and preserving the documents for public access. In particular, we would like to thank Lance Jay Heidig, Anne Sauer, Brenda Marston, and Hilary Wong for assisting students in navigating the Japanese American Relocation Centers Records.

Special thanks to Daniel McKee, librarian of Japanese history, for introducing the Japanese American Relocation Centers Records to the Asian American History and Women’s History courses, for providing drop-in consultation to students in order to discuss the documents, and serving as a wonderful liaison and peer reviewer between the boxes and boxes of documents and student interpretation of the past.

A gracious thank you to Jean Sogioka, daughter of Gene Sogioka, for allowing permissions to work with Sogioka’s watercolor paintings. These paintings make up a rare and unique dimension of this archive and our classes were so lucky to be able to work with his art.

Big thanks to Esther Hwang, an intern at the Asian American Studies Resource Center and student in the Asian American history course, for utilizing her amazing design, editing, and organizational skills in creating and maintaining the vision of this student blog.

And a thank you to Vladimir Micic, Program Manager at Asian American Studies, for administrative support and editing techniques in the creation and maintenance of this student blog.


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