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Electricity Systems

The field of Power Systems in Electrical Engineering covers a wide range of subfields, from generation to transmission networks, to distribution. There are many ways of analyzing a system, each serving a different aspect for control and monitoring. Typical problems in Power System Engineering involve testing the performance of a network, for example seeing the […]

NBA Trading

Most of the professional sports leagues in the U.S. allow trading among clubs, which can be viewed as a miniature economy, especially in NBA. For instance, players’ service under contract with NBA can be exchanged in the system. The maximum parties involved in one trade can be all the NBA teams, in theory. There are […]

Beach Rentals as a Market

The market I have chosen to describe here is the market of rental beach chairs and umbrellas on public beaches, particularly in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where I worked last summer. One set is defined as two chairs and an umbrella. I have attached pictures of Shore Beach Service’s sets below. What […]

Daily Choices as a Market

Every person makes hundreds of choices each day. And I would contend that most of the choices made are incorrect. Whenever you aren’t being productive, you could be. And when you are being productive, there are steps that could have been taken to maximize that efficiency. Instead, as is evidenced by my writing of this […]

Allocation of Young Talent Into The NBA

Once a year, in early June, sixty basketball players are drafted from colleges and universities around the country to join one of the thirty professional teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The following is a concise overview of how the National Basketball Association allocates young talent into their billion dollar industry. In essence, the […]

College Admissions as a Market

One real world situation which could be interpreted as a matching market is college admissions, specifically college admissions in the United States. In this well-known market, college students create an application to make themselves appear as a more attractive candidate to a college, and colleges accept what they believe are candidates that will want to […]

Nintendo’s Amiibo Market in US

As a major selling point for one of the largest video game companies, Nintendo, amiibo figures have been popular these years since they were launched by Nintendo due to the customizations they bring to various games. Simply by tapping the amiibo figures onto the game console (i.e. Nintendo Switch), players can unlock special contents which […]

Political Votes as a Market

An example of a real-world situation that can broadly be viewed as a market is the market for “votes” in the House of Representatives. In this market, votes, from representatives, are being exchanged or allocated to bills. Representatives can decide how to allocate these votes based on their own political preferences or needs. Preferences may […]

Applebee’s is a Market

In the 21st century, classic American eateries such as Applebee’s and Ihop are struggling heavy. Analysts blame the fact that these casual dining chains no longer get traffic from millennials and other young peoples. For this market I will use ‘Applebee’s’ to represent this whole group of struggling food giants. Recently, Applebee’s has had to […]

Modeling the entry level tech labor market

Tech positions have ballooned over the past decade, and applicants and employers alike have increasingly dedicated more resources to finding the perfect match(es). We can view such a labor market as a two sided market, or a bipartite graph between applicants and employers, with the employers each offering an entry level new grad software engineer […]

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