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An ineffective rating scale

The job market is a good example of a 2-sided matching market. On one side of the market are the job-seekers, who rank the companies each in weak-order preference and try to convince the companies that they should be ranked highly in their list of preferences. On the other side are the companies, who put […]

Uber’s Control Over The Marketplace

Uber is a fairly recent startup that has become one of the biggest players in the ride-hailing industry. In fact, statistics reveal that the total number of Uber drivers signing up has been steadily doubling every 6 months for the past few years. As a company with thousands of registered drivers in a number of […]

Repugnant Transactions in Matching Markets

I recently read an article in which Alvin Roth was interviewed on the topic of matching markets ( We mentioned the Nobel Prize winner in class when we spoke about his work on the kidney exchange clearinghouse. In the interview he brings up a few interesting examples of matching markets, such as Uber, which is […]

Your Data Footprint Is Affecting Your Life In Ways You Can’t Even Imagine

In class, we talked about one-sided preference and how agents are matched to items in an efficient way, according to what their preference is. However, in reality, it is sometimes difficult for agents to rank their preferences in a clear and concise way and understand what they actually want. One of the examples given is […]

Secrets of the Cards

Why are some trading card games more popular than others? Why do games like Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh die out while Magic: The Gathering thrives and expands without any sign of stopping? The simple answer could be due to the marketing of the game, but there is something deeper going on. One of the big reasons […]

Tactical Voting in a First Past the Post System

As most all are no doubt aware, Donald J Trump is the current frontrunner of the Republican presidential primary. His unorthodox candidacy has disturbed many within the Republican establishment, leading the 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to denounce him in a speech two weeks ago. Of note is Romney’s recommendation to combat Trump’s rise […]

College Admissions and the Gale-Shapely Algorithm

When we consider the problem of college admissions, we often model the problem as a variant of the Gale-Shapely Algorithm. We say that our agents in the system are both students and universities, and each of the groups of agents have strict preferences. However, what are the metrics that go into this process in a […]

How Airbnb uses matching markets to ensure host preferences

        Airbnb is a rapidly growing start-up based in Northern California that matches people who are looking for temporary housing with hosts would like to rent out their place for a specific period of time. The founders originally got their idea because of the skyrocketing cost of housing in the Silicon Valley. […]

Online Gaming

Microsoft’s Xbox One is perhaps most famous for its online multiplayer experience. Call of Duty and Halo are two notable series that attract a high number of online players. These games involve team matches as well as free for all matches. The skill the online participants varies dramatically, and it is therefore reasonable to expect […]

Simulating Financial Markets as Matching Markets

On a very basic level, financial markets can be understood as matching markets with both constantly changing agent preferences, object availability, and agents. Instead of thinking of people as agents in this market, think of dollars as agents where sets of dollars happen to have the preferences of a particular person. This simplifies the market […]

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