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Marketing Through Influencers

With the advent of the Internet, marketers were given a new way of advertising their products. Moreover, unlike billboards, these ads did not have any physical constraints or labor costs; distribution amounted to finding a website willing to host the ad. Times were good for marketers. Unfortunately this is no longer enough as, according to […]

Stability and Strategy-Proofness in NYC School Matching

Two years ago, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to a man named Alvin Roth, whose work in markets and mechanism design not only has significant theoretical value, but also directly affects nearly 100,000 students per year [1]. How was he able to have such impact? In short, he exploited the importance of stability […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma and Pitch Standard

Today, everyone knows that the international pitch standard is A4=440Hz. We have a set frequency for a specific note, and the majority of the world tunes to that note. A pitch standard didn’t always exist, though. Several hundred years ago, each orchestra tuned to its own pitch, and A4 ranged from 423Hz to 451Hz, a […]

Tinder and the Marriage Model

Tinder is a recently launched dating app that is gaining huge foothold in the UK, US, and elsewhere. What sets it apart from other dating applications and websites is its simplicity: it tracks the user’s location by GPS, links to their Facebook account, and from there, extracts enough profile information to generate a list of […]

Organ Donation and Matching Markets

Due to the complicated nature of medical transplants and the human body, the organ matching process is a much more complicated example of matching markets than we are able to cover in class. Factors such as blood type, body size, medical condition, and patient-donor distance all play a role in determining how the matching occurs. […]

eHarmony: An Alternative Take on the Marriage Model

Traditionally, people have met their potential significant other through interpersonal relationships with family or friends. Of course, people also meet others without needing an introduction by someone else in their life. With the boom of the internet in the past decade, entrepreneurs soon realized that another great medium for meeting new people, including potential partners, […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma in Twitch Plays Pokemon

Twitch Plays Pokemon was a huge internet gaming experience and social experiment in which thousands of players from around the world were inputting moves to the same Pokemon game. When the game first started, it only had an anarchy mode in which every command a user typed in the chat window was executed in the […]

Need for a Matching Market for Pet Dogs

Every year there are around 23.5 million people who plan to acquire a pet but fail to do so because they do not find reliable sources. Studies have shown that around 6 million people who do manage to get a pet acquire them from puppy mills. Puppy mills are basically places where dogs are bred […]

Social Utility Through Linear Algebra

The well-curated Facebook social graph provides us with structured information about social connections between people like never before in history. However, while the graph data has already provided social utility to Facebook users around the world, especially with the release of the Graph Search tool, there is still a large amount of utility hidden deep in the structure of […]

Suggestion For Swap Skill Platforms

I participated and helped manage a club during undergraduate. It’s called the ‘skill swapping club’ where they post information about the skills and talents of every participator. If a participator is interested in learning a skill that is on another’s list; the individual who is adept at the skill is also interested in a skill […]

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