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Prisoner’s Dilemma in the case of Hong Kong

A few weeks ago, I talked about the housing market of Hong Kong, and how China played a big role to its current situation. Interestingly, the relationship between Hong Kong and China has always been a topic of conversation, moreover, it all started when Hong Kong was still in British hands. The recent death of […]

Neural Networks within Games

An actual neural network is made up of neurons that are connected in the nervous system of every human being.  However a neural network can be simulated by nodes and links in-between the nodes.  This type of network almost electrically controls human behavior within the brain, so a simulation could in effect control the behavior […]

Comparing the UK and US college application processes

Applying to colleges in the US is mind boggling. With no limit to the number of colleges one can apply to, students are forced to weigh the costs and benefits of applying to more schools. To analyze the application process, we first construct a model. Modeling the problem of college application: The student s has […]

Mobile Platforms, Social Influences, and Network Effects

For mobile devices, there are just a few key platforms competing for control of a giant market. These platforms include Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Google’s and Apple’s suite of applications and services offered for Android are considered strong factors in keeping consumers dedicated to the platform and to encourage adoption. Interestingly enough, it has […]