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Blog Post Guidelines

Welcome to the course blog for INFO 4220! Networks II builds on its prerequisite course, continuing to examine how the computing, economic and sociological worlds are connected and how the structure of these connections affects these worlds. Topics include matching markets and applications such as school choice and kidney exchange, information and networked behavior— online rating and reputation systems, privacy, peer-to-peer filesharing, crowdsourcing, and cascades and diffusions on social networks.

Guidelines: Each post should be at least two paragraphs, and can discuss any topic that is related to networked behavior in any form, from any application domain. Keep your posts clear and to the point; make the reason your post is relevant to networked behavior evident, and cite all source material.

All students enrolled in this course are required to participate in updating this blog. Each student is required to write one post and comment on one other post over the course of the semester (see lecture slides for posting deadlines and technical writing requirements). The blog will be most useful if the posts arrive continuously over time, so don’t wait until the due date to post your blog. Blogs will be graded on their relevance to the class, their novelty, and the quality of the insight and writing. Adding inappropriate, rude, or disruptive content to the blog will result in no credit for this part of the course grade, and (depending on the nature of the content) potentially stronger actions. Plagiarism is also not acceptable— see the academic integrity section of the course website and appropriately cite any and all sources you used while creating your blog post.

The content on this blog is viewable by the public. However, only the course staff and enrolled students are allowed to comment or post to this blog. In keeping with course privacy guidelines, no student will be required to make their true identity public as part of this activity. We recommend that each student chooses an arbitrary user name (possibly unrelated to their real name or Cornell NetID), and use this as the identi er that will appear associated with a given post. The course sta will keep a private record of the user names and the corresponding real names for purposes of grading. (And naturally, nothing prevents students from including their real names in the text of their posts, if they choose to do so.)

To register and start posting:

Step 1- I need you to first sign in on the blog using your NetID, to get a Cornell Blogs account. To do this, click the “login” link on the right side of this page, and login using your NetID.

Step 2- Now, you will be allowed to set up your profile, including selecting a nickname. In keeping with course privacy guidelines, no student will be required to make their true identity public as part of this activity. Students are strongly encouraged to use a nickname when posting or commenting.

Step 3- After you have created an account, you should request permission to post articles to the blog by emailing the course staff list with “INFO 4220 Post Permission Request – (Your NetID)” as the subject. Note that you cannot be added as an author unless you have already registered (Step 1). Also note that you will not receive a notification that you have been added as an author, but will generally be added within a few hours (a maximum of 48). You can try posting at any point after that.

Step 4- To create a new post, go here. You can also find instructions on posting here, and for other questions, the help pages may be useful.

The interface for updating this blog is fairly straightforward, but if your problem persist (or you have any other questions regarding this blog) feel free to email the course staff list.


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