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I thought of an intervention to cyberbullying…

Ryan received special education services from preschool to fourth grade because of his speech, language and motor skills development.  After years of getting bullied by this specific boy from fifth grade to seventh grade, he and Ryan became friends.  Ryan felt comfortable with her.  Ryan shared an embarrassing personal story with this girl who he […]

Final exam schedules as a Market

We can think of final exam scheduling as a market. Every student has a preference for which exam time works best for each class. Every student is allocated a time for every exam. The currency is the ability to take exams. The giver, in this case a college’s schedule of exam times does not receive […]

I went a day without social media and texting…

“Hey I have to do ANOTHER social media blackout for ANOTHER class which means I cnt go on anything and I cnt txt.  I am not ignoring u and sry ab our snap streak, even though we were just getting it back.  Call if u need anything J’.   This was my second class in the […]

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The Information Cascade of Sexual Allegations

Unfortunately in this day and age, especially this year, sexual harassment allegations are something way too familiar. We see it on the news and social media happening everywhere from work settings to college campuses. Although it seems like the rate of sexual assault has dramatically increased, this number hasn’t changed as drastic as one may […]

Social Contagion and Campaign Donations

Traag, V. A. (2016). Complex Contagion of Campaign Donations. PLoS ONE, 11(4).                                              dio:101371/journal.pone.0153539. Campaign Contributions have been at the forefront of every major political election, ever. This past election brought to light the many issues around campaign contributions, specifically the ethics behind disclosing how much money flows through Super Political Action Committees (PACs) and […]

Bitcoin Block Chain Network

I found this article very interesting: It described how the IRS was using a startup called Chainalysis to track the flow of bitcoins through the block chain. The IRS, being interested in tracking individuals’ hidden assets, clearly would like to know if someone has bitcoins but hasn’t disclosed that. Law enforcement have been attempting to do […]

The anatomy of information cascades in the classroom

This observational study analyzes how information cascades appear and evolve and what factors are relevant for the formation of cascades within a classroom through online learning platforms. This study found that students don’t prefer to share the content given to them by professors, rather they prefer to share the content they find themselves. It was […]

The rise of sexual harassment cases and information cascades

Article:   The article linked above, written by Gillian Tett, discusses the election of Donald Trump and the recent wave of sexual harassment cases. In this article, Tett, explores two factors that she believes contributed to the new surge of sexual harassment cases. These two factors, she states, are Donald Trump and information cascades […]

The Weinstein Effect as a Tipping Point

The article linked below is a conversation between NPR host Noel King and NPR writers Mary Schmich, Elizabeth Blair and Alexandra Schwartz about the recent revelations surrounding sexual assault by powerful men not necessarily in Hollywood, but across industries. “The Weinstein Effect”, as the writers have dubbed the phenomenon, refers to the growing list of […]

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