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Game Theory in School Applications

In such a competitive college application environment nowadays, it can be hard to decide what schools to apply to and how to use one’s early decision opportunity. Tracy Tullis writes about a similar process in her New York Times article “How Game Theory Helped Improve New York City’s High School Application Process”. Much like the […]

Matching MIR Students with Hospitals in Spain

Matching-mir-students-with-hospitals-in-spain The article, written by Jose Luis Ferreira, discusses the problem with the current method of assigning medical graduates who passed the MIR exam to residency positions in Spain (MIRC). Currently, the graduate students who ranked the highest on the MIR exam gets to choose their preferred position, and the next highest student chooses the […]

Bid Shading – Game Theory Application

WTF is bid shading? This article discusses a new form of auctioning in programmatic advertising – bid shading. Traditionally, these transactions have been mostly second-price auctions, that is, the highest bidder only has to pay the second highest bid. For example, if there are two potential buyers in the market and one bids $15 while […]

How to make split second decisions in Super Smash Bros. Melee When playing Melee just like any other competitive game, there are instances in the game when very quick decision making can make or break the entire outcome of the game. In this small article a player breaks down the theory behind teching (an in game mechanic that governs how the character reacts after they […]

Tinder and Nash Equilibrium   Article: “Why we need a dating app that understands Nash Equilibrium”   If you’re a girl on Tinder, chances are that finding matches is pretty easy for you. If you’re a guy, chances are that someone’s told you to swipe right on every profile you see. The linked article tries to explain this […]

Game Theory in High School Admissions   MIT professor, Parag Pathak has come up with a new way to apply game theory to the high school admissions process for students in New York and Boston. Professor Pathak’s work arose due to the ongoing issue students were facing in New York and Boston. These students were faced with the issue […]

The Struggle for Control of Papua New Guinea In military conflicts game theory is often used to describe a set of decisions and outcomes to choose an optimal strategy. One of the classic examples of game theory in military strategy is two mountain passes leading into a territory. If a defender defends the pass the attacker goes through defenders win otherwise the […]

Game Theory of Honesty/Deceit in Animals This article, titled “Hunger Game: Is honesty between animals always the best policy?” was published by Quanta Magazine, an online publication dedicated to developments in mathematics, physics, computer science, and other sciences. According to the article, a model of communication between animals suggests that members of the same species have evolved to be only […]

Game Theory and Hack-A-Shaq

  In the sport of basketball when a team fouls the opposing team’s player, the opposing team is given the opportunity to shoot 2 free throws, and each basket made is worth a point. From this information, one would assume you don’t want to be fouling a player because your payoff would be negative, but […]

Game Theory and Disease Outbreaks

Article link: The article discusses game theory’s role in public health, primarily through preventing outbreaks and the spread of disease. The authors, Kiss and Georgiou, introduce the article with a quick explanation of game theory while utilizing the example of vaccinations. Downsides to vaccinations exist. For example, it costs money, can cause mild illness in […]

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