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The Similarities between Web Search and Instagram’s Feed Ranking Algorithm

Article:             Due to the dynamic nature and the abundance of information on the web, fulfilling the needs of users as they browse the web is a complex task. In class, we learned about the idea of hubs and authorities as a method for ranking web pages. Pages are […]

How in-rank is used in the real business world: Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

In this article, the author gives a general overview of one of the most powerful digital marketing tool-Search Engine Optimization. The definition for SEO is “an acronym that stands for search engine optimization, which is the process of optimizing your website to get organic, or un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page.”In other words, […]

Google Bid Shading

In September of 2019, Google Ad Manager shifted from Second-Price Auctions to First-Price Auctions for their programmatic advertising. Google’s belief behind making the change, a change that many ad exchanges had made long ago, was that First-Price Auctions would increase total revenue and increase the transparency between all parties involved. It is not a quick […]

Federal Agencies Auction off PPE in the beginning of COVID

This article discusses how federal agencies auctioned off PPE in the months leading up to the COVID-19 pandemic. The General Services Administration, or GSA, is an agency that helps get rid of surplus, unwanted goods of the government. If federal agencies or state governments are not interested in such assets, the GSA auctions them off […]

Recent Surge in Sports Cards Value Results in Record Breaking Auction

All of us sports fans remember way back when we were kids, the feeling of ripping open a card pack potentially filled with our favorite players. Whether it be baseball, football, basketball, soccer, or any other sport, the feeling of revealing the player you idolize from a pack was invigorating and encapsulating. With Covid-19 decimating […]

Nobel Prize in Auctions,The%20Sveriges%20Riksbank%20Prize%20in%20Economic%20Sciences%20in%20Memory%20of,inventions%20of%20new%20auction%20formats.%22 A few days ago, two professors at Stanford University won the Noble Prize for their work on something we are very familiar with in this class: auctions. Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson worked together to analyze and better understand auctions that have common values or common and private values. A common value auction means […]

Constitutional Hardball as a game  The article discusses Constitutional Hardball in the role of appointing Supreme Court Justices. Constitutional Hardball is the phenoma of political parties breaking with tradition and using (constitutional and legal) power available to them that used to be left untouched. The author is discussing the rationale behind supporting for Democrats expanding the Supreme Court. The […]

Freddie Mac Announces $534 Million NPL Sale

Freddie Mac was chartered by Congress in 1970 to keep money flowing to the US housing market. Today, they continue to build a more sustainable and affordable US housing finance system by providing lenders with liquidity, and investors with innovative ways to invest in the US housing market; they purchase mortgages from lenders daily, bundle […]

Prisoner’s dilemma in reopening states during the pandemic   The current pandemic has caused all of us to make unexpected decisions and drastically change our lifestyles. This article discusses some of the decisions that have been made and how they can be modeled as the prisoner’s dilemma. Some states have imposed laws closing down businesses and ordering residents to stay at home. […]

How many friends can we really have? The Limits of Friendship by Maria Konnikova Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist and psychologist and the University of Oxford, came up with a series of numbers that the average person could have in her social group. The number of casual friends, for example, is 150. The number of close friends is 50. What’s more interesting is […]

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