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Game Theory in Patenting

Sources:, This summer, I had the chance to intern at a tech startup selling a proprietary patent valuation algorithm and patent databases, and part of my work involved accruing a basic understanding of patent policy. Because of this, I had grown interested in the justifications behind patent approval guidelines in relation to network […]

#MeToo Movement Analyzed Through the Balance Theorem and Game Theory

In 2017, a 160 character tweet launched a social revolution around the world by exponentially increasing awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault in contemporary society. American actress Alyssa Milano launched this revolution with the following tweet: “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet,” which ultimately […]

How Social Capital Impacts Racial Disparities in Incarceration

How Social Capital Impacts Racial Disparities in Incarceration Link: As individuals form connections with each other that build up to networks, they create social capital as they maintain these relationships. Social capital is generally regarded as a positive thing, as it encourages support within communities and encourages empathy. It can also serve as a […]

A Game Theorist’s Approach to Social Distancing

We are often conflicted as to how close we want to be with others. For example, during this pandemic, we know that we should abide by social distancing regulations, yet we crave social interactions. However, despite how much we yearn for human connections, we know from past experiences that the closer we get to others, […]

The Art of Choosing Airline Routes On The Aviation Network

YouTube Video Source: The above video is about how Airlines choose their routes. The interesting part about aviation is how every airline has their own route network, but all of the airlines together also make up one giant “aviation” network around the world. The key that airlines can use is that it is much […]

$1.26 Million for a Comic Book – Analysis through Auction Theory

In the world of comic book collecting, there are few comic books that are more esteemed and sought after than Marvel Comics Issue One. This comic, first published in 1939, is considered one of the most important comic books to ever be published as it sparked the universe which would be home to notable superheroes […]

A Game Theory Approach to Cyber Warfare

Cynthia Enofe Networks 2040 09/28/2020   A Game Theory Approach to Cyber Warfare  Authors: Afraa Attiah , Mainak Chatterjee , Cliff C. Zou Title: “A Game Theoretic Approach to Model Cyber Attack and Defense Strategies” Link:   With the evolution of technology within society and the now ever growing advancement of cybersecurity and cyber […]

A Gentle Introduction to Matching Algorithms in Paper Matching Systems

In academia, publications to journals and conferences typically involve a reviewing process, where the journal editors/conference chairs would match submitted papers to reviewers that have expertise in the material presented in the paper. The simplest examples of such systems can be described via market clearance matchings. Suppose that we want to match three papers A, […]

The Dangerous Game Theory Behind the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Water is a precious commodity that serves as the backbone for the socio-economic wellbeing of a functioning state. It is integral to numerous necessary processes such as food and energy production, sanitation, environmental sustainability, and of course, human consumption. Lack of access to clean water poses a serious threat to billions of people globally, and […]

The Importance of Local Bridges in the 2020 Election

Anyone, no matter their political views, who watched the first of the 2020 presidential debates last Tuesday can agree that it was a chaotic mess. Both candidates spent most of their time talking over the other candidate and spewing random nonsense.  The absence of thoughtful, clear and informative speech in these debates is just another […]

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