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The Social Media Echo Chamber & Political Activism

Seneca, C. (2020, September 17). How to Break Out of Your Social Media Echo Chamber. Retrieved September 30, 2020, from   Recently, a friend opened a poll on social media, asking “How do I escape the liberal echo chamber?” To explain, these past few months have been characterized with social media posts regarding modern […]

Strong and Weak Ties When Recruiting Diverse Talent

Weak ties matter In our class, we learned that social networks are important. Weak ties between people are usually characterized as someone you’re not around much or an acquaintance you don’t know well. Strong ties are family and close friends that know each other very well. From class we know that both strong and weak […]

Braess’s Paradox, Induced Demand, and Market Clearing Prices of Travel

Braess’s Paradox argues that the addition of an edge in a network, especially a traffic network, has the possibility to create a Nash Equilibrium that decreases the benefit of every single player in the network. But will the new arrangement after a change actually be a point of equilibrium? Although Nash Equilibrium is widely defined […]

Videos Games Are The New Mind Stimulant

Videos games have always had a negative reputation, until now. Some studies show that video games cause more aggression in teens, addictive behavior, poor academic performance, and have been known to “rot your brain”. However, they can actually be stimulating your mind and positively influencing the rest of your life. In the article “Top 10 […]

Game Theory, Embeddedness, and The Spread of Coronavirus

Wikipedia cites the “80-20 rule” as that for many events, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In a network, the use of local bridges connects different groups of people that mainly interact with one another. This principle of the 80/20 rule applies perfectly to the outbreaks of the COVID-19 pandemic as […]

Tik Tok Drama and Networks

Tik Tok is a social media app that has gained popularity over the past year and is used to create and share 15-60 second clips. Creators have the ability to add a myriad of sounds, filters, and interact with other features to enhance the video. Other than creating short videos, the other significant component of […]

Private Prisons vs. Public Prisons and its Application in Networks

The discussion surrounding the morality of privately owned prisons has been a highlighted discussion point in modern politics. Controversy surrounds private prisons due to companies profiting off housing inmates whose living conditions are significantly lower than public government prisons. Private prisons are able to make profit by cutting prison staff which accounts for over 70% […]

Networks, Conspiracy Theories, and Lizard People   Over 1 in 3 Americans today believe that Covid-19 was a bioengineered weapon set loose on the general public by the Chinese government. 1 in 3. That’s over 33 percent of our peers, teachers, fellow students, parents, and mentors alike that hold firm belief in a conspiracy theory. Historically, conspiracy theories were reserved […]

IOS 14 Customization Trend: The Consumer’s Dilemma

Is it best for Apple consumers to follow the status quo? This is a question that has sparked incessant debate in the technology industry. In order to effectively analyze the significance of Apple trends in the consumer market, it is helpful to apply fundamental concepts of user experience and network theory. First, some argue that […]

Limited Natural Resources Turns Into Prisoner’s Dilemma

As the wildfires on the West Coast continue to burn record breaking acres of land and hurricanes continue to flood homes on the East Coast, climate change remains as one of our nation’s top concerns. With many growing efforts to become more sustainable and tackle the issue of climate change, one solution is to reduce […]

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