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Choosing between SEO and PPC to increase website traffic

We learned about pay-per-click in class, which is the website pays for every click from users searching specific keywords so that it can get to the top of the search results. To increase the website traffic, there is another option called search engine optimization, which is to adjust the quality and quantity of the websites that it links to so that it gets to the top of the search results because it is more relevant to the keywords based on the algorithm.


For people in charge of a website, they will need to determine which one of the two approaches is more suitable for them to receive higher website traffic. Several factors should be taken into consideration as the article stated. The first to consider is the budget. Though the budget can adjust accordingly, using PPC would definitely need an amount of budget to start. With zero budget on advertising, the only possible strategy to use is free SEO. Using PPC will allow advertisers to receive fast result so that they can do testings and modifications based on the information they received. Also, using PPC will save advertisers the trouble to upgrade their website every time the search engine upgrade its algorithm. Average cost-per-click is another factor that should be taken into consideration. With a high cost-per-click, such as the industry of auto insurance, it is better to use SEO since in order to receive a good slot, the advertiser has to give a high price. Otherwise, it may end up with paying for a not-so-good slot. Competitiveness should also be considered. In some result pages of searching a keyword, the slots that are on the top may be taken by authority pages, which are hard to replace in a short period of time. Under this circumstance, combining the two measures may be better.


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