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Is Instagram’s Algorithm Actually Broken? In 2016, Instagram announced an initiative to prioritize “the moments you care about” within users’ feeds, marking the end of reverse-chronological post listings, and in 2018 Instagram pledged to “put family and friends first”; in early 2019, many Instagram users noticed a change in their feeds, namely a decrease in engagement with […]

Stable Marriage Problem With Unequal Numbers A common application of stable matchings is the stable marriage problem (SMP). This problem deals with finding stable matchings between equal numbers of males and females. The SMP, as proved by David Gale and Lloyd Shapley, shows that with any equal number of men and women, there exists a marriage matching where each matched […]

Attacking Information Networks

A few days ago, in response to questions on Capitol Hill regarding how the spread of inaccurate news stories – especially from foreign entities – will be contained and removed in the upcoming election cycle was asked to Mark Zuckerberg. The current and future steps Facebook will take in terms of tackling this issue with […]

TV Ad Rates (But Not Ad Revenue) Are Dropping This article talks about how TV ad rates have been declining. For example, “in 2019-20 there were only four programs that $200,000 for a 30-second TV commercial.” In contrast, in “2015-16, there were ten programs that commanded a 30-second ad rate of over $200,000.” We can see that in just 4 short years the […]

“PageRank” for Business In the age of e-shopping, in order to gain business and sales, marketing teams often try and devise ways for their business pages and products to show up at the top of search results. Some of their attempts reflect on the features we have discussed in the PageRank algorithm for websites. So how […]

PageRank Post

Can algorithms really tackle the fake news fiasco?  The study published by the University of Oxford pegs the 2016 US presidential election as a “watershed moment” that sees social media manipulation at its worst. Both Trump and Clinton camps exploited big data to manipulate public opinion. This phenomenon is happening right now and is […]

Hulu switches from second-price to first-price auctions for its advertising

Hulu Moves To First-Price Auctions For Its OTT Inventory This article describes how Hulu is shifting from their previous second-price auction format to a first-price auction format for  advertising. Hulu made this decision in order to cut down on excessive rules, increase transparency, and give advertisers more control over their buys. According to the author […]

People sometimes overpay at auctions, and that’s alright.    When one thinks of an auction, the first thing that comes to mind is the traditional English auction, in which an auctioneer opens the auction at some opening price, after which interested bidders compete by submitting increasingly higher bids until someone places a bid that no other bidder is willing or able to […]

Search Engine Optimization & PageRanks With the prevalence of digital platforms and online content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) now becomes a critical component of the overall marketing strategy for many companies across industries. This concept of SEO is almost a direct response to the PageRank mechanisms we have been discussing in class. The online article I chose summarizes the […]

Using Game Theory to Win the College Application Process There’s no doubt that for most high school students, there is one overarching cloud looming over them: the college application process. Up to that point in their lives, most of what they have done is to bolster their college application to increase their chances of getting into their dream college. The problem, however, arises […]

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