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Using Dutch Auction to Sell IPO This article in Economist talks about the pros and cons of Google using “Dutch” auction to sell its IPO, and offers advice on improving the auction system. Google chooses to auction its IPO because it wants the whole process to be more public and transparent: potential shareholders wait for the price to go down […]

Analysis and Impact of Social Media and its Privacy on Big Data

source: In the article, “Analysis and Impact of Social Media and its Privacy on Big Data”, it states, “Big data uses parallel processing technique in which multiple data is been used to produce a single answer” and that it uses a Master-Slave-Architecture where “many are working regularly to create this big data” (Bansal, Kumar, […]

Matching Markets and Saving Lives

Dubbed as the economist who saves lives, Stanford’s Alvin Roth helped develop a solution to the long-standing problem with the market for kidney donations. Roth is considered a “matching market guru” and was awarded the Nobel prize in his work in matching markets to match patients in need of a kidney transplant to possible donors. […]

Game Theory and the Herbal Product Industry

In this paper, two researchers discuss the application of game theory in agricultural economics, and more specifically the herbal product industry. To preface what the paper is about, the agricultural traceability system is what makes the supply chain transparent, which is crucial to practically each entity involved in the process. Just as important is the […]

NYSE Closing Auction   The above article explains how the NYSE Closing Auction works. They explain that as investing in the market has become more popular there have been more rules put in place to limit liquidity but also create a competitive investment market. The NYSE Closing Auction is one of the few ways institutional investors can […]

The Profile of Today’s Web

This article was about the findings from a data analysis of the PageRank of approximately 2 billion links. A non-profit organization called Common Crawl peruses the Web each month and saves a version of the entire Web. Common Crawl then publishes information about this saved version of the Web and any associated data for all […]

Why we shouldn’t forget about PageRank in 2019 As discussed in class, the PageRank algorithm is how Google ranks pages in regards to their importance which is determined by the inlinks of a page. The idea is to show Google’s users the best and most relevant information at the top of the search, making it a more efficient search process. However, for […]

Cultural Differences in Defining “Rationality” in the Ultimatum Game In this class, we study “The Ultimatum Game,” as a way of determining how a sum of money is divided between two players. In class, we learned that the results of this game are based on each players’ outside options. If the players’ only options are each other, then the lot will be divided […]

Porsche Model FLOP: How One Man’s Accent is Another Man’s Confusion Can you imagine getting a Porsche for less than market value? They are already luxury vehicles, but a unique antique model was planning on being sold at an auction and wasn’t bought above the minimum asking price. About two months ago, RM Sotheby’s was planning on auctioning off a 1939 Porsche “Type 64.” […]

Hulu First-Price Auctions Hulu recently moved to a first-price auction to sell its premium video inventory. The private bidding market has started to sell its deals to the highest bidder on October 14th. This new market place which was established in the beginning of the year hopes to make it easier for advertisers and partners to […]

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