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James Charles and the Power in Social Networks

In the past, a rise to stardom outside of television and film was rare and often unheard of. However, in the past few years, Youtube has become a notable platform to launch young teenagers into wildly successful careers. One notable Youtuber is James Charles, a popular beauty guru who received a lot of negative media […]

Social Network Theory and Elections and Voting Choice These two articles suggest that more strongly connected attitude networks have a stronger impact on behavior, particularly the attitudes and decisions in voting in elections. Within an attitude network, the most central attitude elements have the strongest impacts. This ties back into the concept discussed in class where certain spots and nodes […]

How Voice Search Affects SEO

Search engine optimization has been a popular marketing tool for years allowing businesses to make their way to the top of search engine results pages. The standard advice includes discussions about crawl accessibility, compelling content, keyword optimization, user experience, and share-worthy content. Share-worthy content refers to the idea that pages with the most in-links from […]

PageRank Helps Form Breakthroughs in Biology.

In class, we have recently analyzed the PageRank algorithm, rooted at the heart of the almighty Google search engine. Each page or node in the network is initially assigned a weight of 1/n, with n representing the total number of nodes in the network, which all sum to a total of one. After repeated steps, […]

Amazon Grows its Ad Revenue Share

Google has for a long time enjoyed their number one spot when it comes to search ad revenue. However, another company giant, Amazon, has been trying to build and expand its ad platform to compete with Google and Facebook. Amazon, using its upper hand in e-commerce, has quickly become a first-choice search engine for consumers. […]

Amazon’s Self-Boosting Page Rank Algorithm A recent change to Amazon’s search feature has added a new metric which some believe to be unfair: items listed which are more profitable for the tech giant are ranked higher in Amazon’s searches.  At first glance, this may not seem to be an issue- after all, any company would want to maximize its […]

Google Adsense Algorithm Leads to Discriminatory Selections

Ads can be helpful. When done well, directed ads can point a viewer in the right direction as they’re looking for a certain item online or at a store. Unfortunately, directed ads can also lead to unforeseen, and potentially damaging, circumstances. This was the case for a certain collection of ads displayed by the Google […]

First Price Auctions for Online Advertisements

Auctions aren’t just for physical items. In fact, nowadays, nothing is physical about one of the main ways in which we can get involved in an auction. In a bid for the best online advertising space for the lowest possible cost, individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and even large multinationals compete in Google, Bing, and […]

Network Exchange Theory in Real Life

There is a theory called Social Exchange Theory that uses the knowledge of Network Exchange Theory but is being used more frequently in our daily lives. Social Exchange Theory studies the social interaction between two parties who implement a cost-benefit analysis to determine risks and benefits. Social Exchange Theory states that the parties that provide […]

Endorsements, Referrals, and Web Search

Imagine the scenario where I have two friends who really want to help me out this recruiting season. One of my friends is a current employee of the company I aspire to work for. Being a caring friend, they refer me to their recruiter. My other friend also sends a message on my behalf to […]

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