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Bacon Numbers, Hubs, and Wikiracing In the beginning of this course we learned about six degrees of separation, which explains for any two nodes, there is a path of at most six connections between them. One popular example of this is the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where actors are given a Bacon number based on how closely […]

Tansler: A Reverse Auction Airbnb Over the past few years, Airbnb has risen in prominence as the go-to short-term rental service of this decade. It operates on a standard buyer-seller business model, where rentals have fixed prices and buyers simply book them online with no negotiation. However, the home-sharing marketplace could have looked very different had a company named […]

The “Do or Die” Mentality: Boris Johnson’s Suspension of Parliament from a Game Theorist’s Perspective

Brexit: we all know what it is and its implications for the global economic stage. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has declared that he intends to leave the EU on October 31st, desirably with a deal set forth but will do so even if such a deal does not exist. In the Guardian article “Boris Johnson […]

Reimagining the Internet This article describes the phenomenon that we are experiencing as a society, as the population continues to increase in the digital age. In this century, hundreds of billions of pieces of technology will become connected to the internet. Such a massive change in usage will have a profound affect on how the internet works, […]

How Game Theory is Reinventing Crime Fighting This article discusses the surprising cost-effectiveness of community corrections as opposed to prisons as a deterrent to crime, takes a look at how crime increased in the sixties as a response to lower punishment, and analyzes the War on Drugs as an excuse to incarcerate black people using a reason other than their race. […]

Do strikes give workers greater bargaining power?

Over 3,500 hourly employees have been striking against Volvo-owned Mack Truck since October 12th after contract renegotiations between the United Auto Workers (UAW) and the company failed to resolve a slate of issues including wage increases, shift premium, holiday schedules, health and safety concerns, retirement, subcontracting and temporary workers, and health care coverage. By withdrawing […]

Google Ads Introduces 2 New Ways to Target Users in Google Search   This article describes two new features recently introduced by Google to target users in Google search. Affinity Audiences Affinity audiences contain users who have already demonstrated great interest in a certain topic. Targeting ads towards affinity audiences will provide advertisers a new way to raise awareness and direct consumers to their topic. An […]

Facebook’s New PageRank Method, Click-Gap   As there are more users on Facebook, there is more false news appearing on people’s News Feed. In order to prevent people from having false or inappropriate news in their Feeds, Facebook has announced a new algorithm called “Remove, Reduce, and Inform.” They will “remove” the contents that violate their policies, “reduce” the […]

Prioritizing the Right Content When the movie Captain Marvel was released in early March this year, a lot of videos surfaced on youtube where people were harshly criticizing the actress Brie Larson and calling to boycott the movie. In order to stop these types of videos from becoming viral or trending, Youtube recategorized the topic of “Brie Larson” […]

Sneaker Auction on StockX On September 26, 2019, CNN released the article, This Billion-dollar Startup is Turning Sneakers into a ‘Stock Market,’ written by Michelle Toh. The article first explains how StockX promotes worldwide sneaker business and carefully examines what makes StockX so successful. StockX is the world’s first online “Bid/Ask” marketplace, in which sellers place Asks and […]

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