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Why PageRank shouldn’t be forgotten in 2019 Though the last official public PageRank update occurred in December 2013 and officially removed by Google from its browser, Gary Illyes, a Googler, confirmed in 2017 that PageRank is a ranking signal and is still used by Google behind the scenes. Even though Google doesn’t formally use PageRank in the general public, PageRank still […]

Social Media’s Augmenting Effects on Politics The article, titled “The Political Significance of Social Media Activity and Social Networks,” employs a cross-lagged design to study how common forms of online activity by youth generate connections to forms of political activity. It compares the influence of Friendship-Driven (FD) and Interest-Driven (ID) online youth activity on online politics and offline political activism. […]

Vehicle Auctions   In order for car dealerships to fill their used car inventory, many of them turn to large volume car auctions. At these auctions, cars are sold to the highest bidder in a traditional first price auction, where the winner bids their value and pays their bid. These dealers attempt to get these vehicles […]

Bing and Google’s search engine ranking order

This resource above is talking about the rules for Google and Bing to rank the webpages on their search page respectively. The source lists out the ranking rules, with not only the number of links, which we emphasizes in the lecture, but also other aspects like keywords, etc. In the website, the five key aspects […]

Singapore overtakes US as World’s Most Competitive Economy This article revolves around how Singapore has knocked USA out of the top spot in the World Economic Forum’s annual competitiveness report. Singapore earned the highest scores for its infrastructure, health, labor market, and financial system, which overall determine a nation’s competitive landscape. Singapore and Vietnam put up strong performances this year partly due […]

The Ancient Greeks Love Neural Networks

Networks are a crucial part of current research in computer technology.  Perhaps one of the most important ways networks are increasingly being used in computers is through the concept of a neural network.  According to this video, a neural network consists of an input layer, many hidden layers, and an output layer, and is used […]

Greenwich Luxury-Home Discounts Winning Over Hesitant Buyers An article in Bloomberg titled “Greenwich Luxury-Home Discounts Winning Over Hesitant Buyers” discusses the sale of 22 houses this year in Greenwich, Connecticut, a wealthy suburb of New York City. The article introduces the idea of a housing “pile-up”, explaining that in the recent past, many of the houses being put on the market […]

Walmart and Network Exchange Walmart’s famous everyday low prices has made it America’s largest retailer and private employer— with billions of dollars of revenue and millions of employees, all contributing to its reputation as powerful economic force. In this article “How Walmart Keeps its Prices so Low” by Steven John and published by Business Insider, John explores some […]

Neural Networks, Depression, and Self Esteem   The article “Neurofeedback Therapy for Depression Boosts Self-esteem and Brain Connectivity” reports on the structure and function of the brain and its connections, specifically in individuals with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). By conducting an experimental study on 28 individuals who have MDD, and exposing them to a visual neurofeedback exercise, researchers discovered how […]

The Typosquatting Crisis

After €24 million stolen by typosquatting a cryptocurrency … › Home › News         The sources linked above delineates the story of the prosecution of six individuals charged with theft. Though, their crime took place through the digital world using the method of, “typosquatting.” Through typosquatting, the five men and one woman […]

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