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Matching Markets in Medical Residencies This paper studies a particular case of matching markets in the medical field: matching medical students with residencies in rural areas.  Typically, medical students prefer not to complete their residencies and begin practices in rural areas; while 1/5 of Americans live in rural areas, only 1/10 of doctors practice there.  The purpose of this […]

Connected Vehicle Technology Master Plan in Metro Atlanta Sample map of some intersections we were interested in early on. This summer, I had the pleasure of working on a research experience funded by the National Science Foundation, held at the Georgia Institute of Technology, called Civic Data Science. This research internship focused on the three projects under the Georgia Smart Communities […]

Game Theory For No Deal Brexit By the end of the month, the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) have to reach a consensus about the UK leaving the union. Negotiations have failed since the June 2016 referendum and it is now up to Boris Johnson’s British government to come to a conclusion. As in class, we notice […]

Employee Employer Relationships An article in the Harvard Business Review, titled “Research: When Being Close to Your Employees Backfires,” explores how too strong of a relationship, that is when both parties have a very close split of power, between an employee and an employer may have harmful results. The authors, Zhenyu Liao, Wu Liu, and Zhaoli Song, […]

The Marriage Problem The paper linked above addresses, amongst others, the issue of the marriage problem, which is a two-sided matching problem. This is where agents on both sides have preferences for a matching. According to the Deferred Acceptance Algorithm developed by Gale and Shapely (1962), there exists a stable matching in every marriage market where men […]

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