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Graph Theory & Spread of Contagious Disease

(Article: This article discusses the impact of nursing homes on the spread of contagious disease, with an emphasis on drug-resistant germs such as Candida auris, a highly contagious and deadly fungus that has spread to about 800 people since it arrived in the U.S. four years ago. Drug-resistant infections are on the rise, and […]

Donald Trump’s Unpredictability And Game Theory President Trump is well-known for his unpredictable and even impetuous political moves. Though the public used to criticize his unprecedented method of leading a country, more people have started to view Trump’s unpredictability as a maneuver. In this article, NYU game-theory scholar Steven Brams categorizes Trump’s bold actions as playing Game Theory, in particular, […]

Game Theory and Robot Behavior

This article details researchers’ endeavors to program robots to better respond to human behavior. Researchers at the University of Sussex, Imperial College London, and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have recently, for the first time, used game theory to program a robot to better understand their human user’s behavior, better anticipate their movements, and respond […]

If Dating Apps Adopted Prices   Dating apps are facing a significant imbalance in their gender ratio. At first, this just seems like an annoyance, but if you consider it deeper, it changes the whole social structure within the app. This article uses the idea of the Marriage Supermarket to show how even a small difference in ratio can […]

Understanding ancient trade networks with graph theory The Mycenaean Greeks were a dominant culture in the late Bronze Age, producing numerous marvels of engineering, architecture, art, and literature. But little is known about their culture and its relationships with the rest of the Mediterranean and Europe -much of our knowledge is inferred from epic literature like the works of Homer. Since […]

Market Clearing in Housing   A study I found interesting, was conducted at Princeton to connect the choice of neighborhood house prices to the commercial, economic, and overall welfare of the community members. The noise emitted from the community‚Äôs housing prices can limit or drive the local economy and potentially control the commercial development in the area. A […]

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