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Game Theory in American Football Play Calling

Burke, Brian. “Game Theory and Run/Pass Balance.” Advanced Football Analytics (Formerly Advanced NFL Stats), June 2008, In this article, Brian Burke analyzes how Game Theory can be applicable to choices made during the course of an American Football game. Specifically, the article breaks offensive choices down into whether to pass or to run. Ever […]

MLB Free Agency and Auctions

This article was about how Major League Baseball (MLB) players face so much uncertainty with their contracts during free agency that the rules need to change. While these contracts are guaranteed unlike in other sports, it can be difficult to obtain them in the first place. Owners are stingy with their money and fear overpaying […]

Prisoner’s Dilemma in Context of Medical Consultation This resource is an article from a journal called Quality and Safety in Health Carewritten by C Tarrant, T Stokes, and A M Colman. This resource connects to our class as it discusses how game theory can be applied to doctor-patient interaction. It discusses the inherent issues found currently and then makes suggestions to […]

Bots spread low-credibility content online

This study has shown that fake accounts (bots) on Twitter are responsible for spreading significant misinformation online, especially during the 2016 US Presidential Election. Specifically, the 6% of Twitter accounts responsible for sharing 31% of all low-credibility messages and articles were bots. This is alarmingly disproportional and was found from analysis of 14M messages and […]

Game Theory Behind Grading on a Curve

Grading on a curve is a method many college professors, including most at Cornell, use to grade their students’ assignments and exams. It is a method used to adjust the students’ scores to better match their performance based on the performance of other students in the class rather than a hard grade scale. There are […]

The World is Shrinking

I was amazed by how small the world is when I found out my best friend in college is a close friend of my camp friend. This corresponded to the idea of “six degrees of separation” which states that the furthest distance between any two people is six social connections. During the lecture, we talked […]

Airliners’ Network Expansion Airline network is a very common network for people all over the world. If you have to travel from one place to another by plane, you should go through the edges, which are flights, to go to your destination. The passage talks about US airliners’ network development, especially the reasons why they are trying to […]

A Coopetitive Model for Sustainable Food Production   When companies aim to maximize their own profits, the outcome is often not what is best for humankind and the planet we inhabit. Recently, people online have been voicing their outrage about the fact that the Amazon rain forest is burning. Many people mistakenly thought that this was a freak accident, but trees […]

Irrational decisions at auctions

Reggie Ezeh (rce57) Link to article:   The article “Why Do We Pay More Than We Should at Auctions?” by Tom Stafford, highlights the main issues that we find in auctions in todays world. He makes the assertion that people in auctions tend to spend more than they should at auctions. He mentions that […]

A Beautiful Duopoly

A beautiful duopoly – How economic theory can explain the competition between Uber and Lyft This article discusses Nash equilibrium and competitions in the real market. It first introduces early theories of economic competition in history. Joseph Bertrand developed a thesis around an economic situation in which two companies dominate a market, formally known as […]

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