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Concern of Privacy Affecting Facebook vs Snapchat Networks

Source: In recent years, the popularity between Facebook and Snapchat has shifted amongst young adults and teenagers for various different reasons. These young adults and teenagers, otherwise known in the article as social media natives, make decisions about what social media platforms to post or share online given the context of how private they want […]

Constructing our own intellectual ghettos

Throughout Trump’s presidency,  political analysts have said there was never a  time in American history where the country has been more divided since the Civil war.  While many would place the blame of this divide on the presidential incumbent, in “Constructing our own Intellectual Ghettos’ ‘, political journalist David Bauder discusses how that nationally televised […]

Harry Potter: From a Game Theoretic Lens

Article: This article highlighted an example of game theory in Harry Potter, specifically occurring in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix when Voldemort attempts to convince Harry to go to the Ministry of Magic in order to secure the prophecy for him. The article explores a two player game involving Harry and […]

Traffic Congestion and Networks   Traffic congestion in urban areas is a constant issue. It can decrease population morale, pose safety risks by blocking emergency services and causing accidents and it has a severe negative effect on the environment by elevating greenhouse emissions. This page analyses the effects of various techniques to decrease congestion including metering freeways, […]

Is There a Future Without Braess’ Paradox ? In class we talked about Braess’ paradox, which shows that the addition of a road doesn’t decrease a commuter’s travel time, but actually increases it. This article explains that new research conducted by University of Massachusetts Amherst Professor Anna Nagurney, proves that Braess’ Paradox isn’t always true. The article first clarifies that Braess’ paradox […]

Ebola Network in Uganda  Ebola virus disease is a highly contagious disease spread by inverter-personal contact via blood or other bodily fluids of an affected person. The outbreak of Ebola in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been recorded as the second-largest outbreak of Ebola. DRC’s political conflicts and poor healthcare conditions have increased the risk of […]

Degrees of Separation, Triadic Closure, and Their Impact on Military Alliances

In “A Three-Degree Horizon of Peace in the Military Alliance Network”, authors Weihua Li, Aisha Bradshaw, Caitlin Clary, and Skyler Cranmer outline their research findings on the current state of defensive military alliances.  The researchers communicate the idea that military alliances between countries can motivate peaceful relations between other countries, as countries who share common […]

Market Experts Point To Game Theory For Resistant Oil Stocks Amid Crisis Recently, Iranian drone strikes have leveled Saudi Arabian oil fields with huge explosions severely damaging their infrastructure and destroying millions of dollars worth of the natural resource. Saudi Arabian leaders have since announced Iran will be held responsible for these attacks and that they will be withholding oil supplies to the rest of the […]

Google: First-Price Ad Auctions

What to know about Google’s implementation of first-price ad auctions In class we learned about the various auction types and strategies for optimizing one’s participation in those various auctions. Two of the auction types discussed were first price and second price auctions. In first price auctions, the bidder with the highest bid wins the item […]

Google shares took off, but the auction didn’t   We have discussed several types of auction in the last week. One of them is dutch auction, which is also an option for companies when going public. Google used this method for its IPO in 2004. However, after 15 years, the auction did not become too popular. Instead, experts suggested, “for 99% of […]

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