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Google’s first-price auction impressions

Publishers enjoy short-term CPM spikes up to 50% in first few days of Google’s first-price auction rollout Google announced that they would standardize first-price auctions on inventory through Google Ad Manager by the second week of September. After experimenting with first-price auctions on 10% of their inventory, Google finally decided to make the transition that […]

An Unprecedented Situation at the Olympic Trials Resulted in Game Theory Being Implemented in the Rule Books   Game theory is an interesting concept, particularly because it is applicable in virtually every aspect of life. Sports are a common place where game theory is practiced, but we usually see this analysis done in team sports such as football, baseball, and soccer. But for a sport that rarely sees true head-to-head […]

Game Theory and International Relations

This article explores the basic principles of game theory and how it can be applied to nuclear conflict between Israel and Iran. Game theory is also known as interactive decision theory and addresses situations where one’s choices are directly influenced by the choices of others around them. Any situation that contains the following three elements […]

Analysis of Networks in Chess This paper pertains to how networks can be used to analyze a chess position. It sets out by defining the chess pieces on each side and explains the calculation of ELO rating points for players. They would like to evaluate board positions using different networks, and ultimately try to predict game outcomes. The first […]

Triadic Closure in the Cohesive Clustering of Spotted Hyenas

Cohesive clustering is a phenomenon that not only occurs in human societies, but also the social network dynamics of non-human species such as spotted hyenas. Clustering can “facilitate efficient cooperation” and, in the case of animal species, “maximize fitness”. Based on a study done by the National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis and Michigan […]

The Dish Washing Dilemma

As I begin to write this blog post, I notice that the kitchen sink behind me is filled with dirty dishes. My roommate is also seated across from me and must notice that the sink is full too. Either of us could easily fill the dishwasher in about five to ten minutes, but we both […]

Facebook Keeps Dead Friendships Alive, Maybe for the Better

In both this course and INFO 2450 Communication and Technology, we are taught about weak ties and told about their strength, so I wanted to explore the exact effects weak ties have. In this article, De Meo discusses his methods of determining the effect of weak ties on information diffusion. Observations were done on a […]

Combinatorial Clock Auctions   In this article, a different type of auction, the combinatorial clock auction, is explained. First, Johnathan Levin and Andrzej Skrazpacz, economics professors at Stanford University, examined spectrum auctions. Spectrum auctions are used when a source, usually the government, auctions the rights to transmit signals over specific bands of the electromagnetic spectrum and to […]

Game Theory and Human Behavior This article uses the concept of game theory to connect with human behavior. An interesting preface is this quote, “Moreover, because behavioral game-theoretic predictions can be systematically tested, the results can be replicated by different laboratories(Plott 1979; Smith 1982; Sally 1995). This turns social science into truescience.” It highlights a few salient factors that […]

The Disappearance of Braess’s Paradox   At times it can be hard to link what we learn in Networks to how it could apply to a real life situation. However, Braess’s Paradox is an excellent illustration of how Networks, and the paths that we as people decide to go on can affect our everyday life. Now, although it is […]

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