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Do not hesitate to greet a familiar face Have you ever encountered a series of bad luck in a single day, feeling too upset to even raise your head, but suddenly got a praise from the girl living next to your dorm saying “You looks so beautiful today, I love your pink coat” when you came home desperately? This was what I […]

Weak Ties Protect Your Health This article by The Washington Post discusses the importance of weak ties when it comes to health. Social lives consist of what psychologists call both “weak ties” and “strong ties.” A strong tie is a spouse, parent, sibling, best friend, coach, or colleague. It is known that close relationships with family and friends are […]

Information Gerrymandering and Political Decision-Making

Source: Today, people have huge volumes of information on their fingertips. In particular, people can read the news based on their special interests through their smartphones and other technologies. Contrary to popular belief, information does not travel freely; instead, it travels through a social network, which can be altered by zealots and automated bots. […]

Famous Artist: Testament to Talent or Connections A study conducted by curators of the MoMa found that artist fame is not necessarily dependent on their creativity, but the size and diversity of their social networks. The study was based on the 80 artists shown in the 2012 exhibition titled “Inventing Abstraction:1910-1925.” Each artist’s fame, social network, and creativity were quantified using […]

Network Blog Post #1

Many social networks are created through the friends of friends, or mutual friends. On social media platforms like facebook, mutual friends are suggested to you based on the friends in your network. In the grazia daily discussion, How Does Facebook Suggested Friends Actually Work, people try to analyze the methods that facebook uses in order […]

Social Network Models

Veritasium Video:  The Science of Six Degrees of Separation Watts & Strogatz Study: Collective Dynamics of ‘Small-World’ Networks Facebook Study: Three and a Half Degrees of Separation Four years ago, I stumbled upon a video on the Six Degrees of Separation. The video discusses both Stanley Milgram’s 1960’s study and Facebook’s 2011 study (A more […]

Here’s How Social Media Could Threaten Democracy “Here’s how social media could threaten democracy — even without the help of Russians” discusses the impact of the rapid spread of information on social media. The article explains a research study that tested how online social networks impact decision making. 2,500 people were split into groups of 24. Each group was split into […]

The role of social networks on mental health after a catastrophe This study from 2016 sought to examine the role of social networks on mental health issues, specifically depression and PTSD in the aftermath of adversity. The researchers studied 558 individuals in a community that had collectively experienced the severe bushfires of Australia in February 2009. This event, known as “Black Saturday,” caused 173 fatalities […]

Performance improves when the enemy of an enemy is a friend Companies often try to ease tension between employees, and rightfully so. It is very difficult to want to work in a place where there is a lot of acrimony or stressful relationships. The article above, titled “Performance improves when the enemy of an enemy is a friend” provides some commentary on how balanced networks […]

Significance of Newsletter in Social Networks This article talks about how mass newsletter has the ability to shape how people engage with the information around them. Sometimes referred to as “the world’s oldest networked publishing platform,” the newsletter is more appealing to many people as it can provide more personalized content. Recently, I have gone on a spree to unsubscribe […]

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