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Viruses have a secret, altruistic life

Quanta magazine released an article detailing the research performed by Rafael Sanjuan, a geneticist at the University of Valencia, who was conducting experiments to examine the behaviour of viral cells. The study uncovered that viral cells can interact socially with each other which can lead to “cooperation and conflict”.  It refers to how some VSV […]

Is individual talent or a balanced network more important?         A new study released by Northwestern University on June 14, 2019 indicates that balanced business networks outweigh individual talent when making risky professional decisions. This study was conducted over the course of two years (2007 to 2009) on a group of day traders. The researchers read and interpreted employees’ instant […]

The Game Theory of Brexit I’ve been following the news of Brexit since it became initially important in summer of 2016, where a majority of the UK voted to leave the EU.  Even then, the entire thing gets so confusing to me that I have to read articles like the one above explaining the situation to people like me.  […]

Inferring friendship network structure by using mobile phone data

This article is about a study involving 94 subjects that had software installed on their mobile phones that allowed researchers to obtain data about call logs, bluetooth devices, cell tower IDs, application usage, and phone status. All the participants in the study were students and faculty at a major research institution. This article was published […]

Most Valuable Cities in “Ticket to Ride”

Most Valuable Cities in “Ticket To Ride” I was having a late game night with my friends, and Ticket to Ride was spread out across the dance studio floor (we had snuck in after hours to do what naughty college kids do: play games). It was the latter end of the game and everyone was trying […]

Is the Allen Curve still true? In the 1970s, many countries including the United States and the Soviet Union assigned similar projects to engineering teams to design and develop more advanced weapons and equipment. However, projects are not getting done as quickly and efficient as expected. Some teams completed it faster than others who also had the same project. So […]

Friends to Frenemies   The linked source details the story of Brittany, a Psychology Today viewer, who created an online discussion with one of the website’s “Friendship Doctors” to discuss her concern and stress from her friendship triangle. She met and friend and bonded with her over their love for photography. A year after meeting her first […]

Game Theory Explains the Leaks in Trump’s White House

This is an interesting idea that a New Yorker writer John Cassidy bring out responding to the recent White House’s leaks. In this beginning of the article, Cassidy introduce the birth of Game Theory by Albert Tucker in 1950, and the classic prisoners’ dilemma. The basic idea, again, is that it’s the best interest for […]

Port Strategy using Game Theory – Singapore and Malaysia

The Straits of Malacca is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. In particular, the region is home to Malaysia and Singapore, which dominate the inter-port industry (i.e. Port of Singapore (PSA) – 2nd busiest globally; Port Klang, Malaysia (PKL) – 11th busiest globally; Port Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia (PTP) – 19th busiest globally. […]

Ego Networks and the Power of Social Media

In the seventh grade, I had a french class with Chance Ammirata. He was a classmate and was your average student at my school. He eventually left my school the following year (transferred to another high school in Miami), and I lost touch with him, but we were still friends on Snapchat and Instagram. A […]

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