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Facebook’s New Dating Service Aims to Prevent the Triadic Closure Property

Facebook’s new dating service seems to offer everything other traditional dating sites do with its enormous network, but this article points out one potential twist. Despite Facebook’s typical mission to expand their users’ networks by linking them to those that they have mutual friends with, their dating service allows users to do the opposite. Since […]

We’re all just talking to ourselves and here’s why The article touches base on several studies to examine the effects of diversity on the formation of echo chambers, and how echo chambers can be different from information bubbles. The article starts off by mentioning a study examining the social networks of the University of Kansas and several other much smaller colleges in the […]

Evolution and Game Theory   This article studies the relationship between game theory and biological evolution.  It begins with the classic hawk-dove game, in which the dominant strategy is the “hawk” strategy since it results in the best possible outcome for the player regardless of the other player’s choice.  However, the article explains that while evolution is related […]

In need of evolution: game theory and AI This article reminds me a news: Google AlphaGo eventually won player Li Shi in the man-machine battle. This confrontation between human intelligence and artificial intelligence has set an unprecedented wave of attention to artificial intelligence around the world. AlphaGo is an artificial intelligence program developed by Google. The pattern of the winning and losing […]

Analyzing and Predicting Triadic Closure in Social Networks   In this study the authors set out to research what are the key sources to triadic closure.  The authors argue that understanding what causes triadic closure will allow social network providers to encourage triadic closure creating a larger and more profitable user base who remain active and encourage new members.  The authors used […]

Trump campaign has plans to launch its own social networking app

For the upcoming presidential election next year, the Trump campaign has made plans to launch its own social networking app. By doing so, they aim to “harness the fervent energy among his legion of supporters” (Politico). The app will feature a prize system, offering rewards such as VIP seats to rallies or a photo with […]

“You Can’t Sit With Us” – Hyenas and Triadic Closure The article “It’s best to make friends of friends – even the spotted hyena knows that” reports on the nature of formation of social bonds between spotted hyenas. Taking more than 55,000 observations of the interactions between hyenas in Kenya over a period of 20 years, researchers from the National Institute for Mathematical and […]

Friendlier Workplace and Positive Relationships   The Forbes article discusses different ways to make the workplace a friendlier space across a multigenerational group. The article states the difficulties workers in different generations have with interacting with one another as there can be generational rifts among workers. The generational rifts can cause workers to have a difference in opinion on […]

6 degrees of separation in Icelandic Sagas- Applications of graph theory to literature

Topic: 6 degrees of separation Resource:   “Viking sagas: Six degrees of Icelandic separation”   The paper linked above generates networks and calculates parameters such as mean path length and clustering coefficients for Icelandic sagas- extremely developed and detailed stories from the early 9th-11th centuries describing early Icelandic life. Networks were created for the […]

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