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Using Bayes’ Theorem to Classify Spam

The article analyzes and discusses how spam is classified, specifically the filtering method called Bayesian filtering. When spam filters need to classify a piece of mail, it knows that this can either be spam of not spam. Using that, the filter is able to calculate the probability of whether it believes something is spam or […]

Information Cascades and Social Media

Today’s technology has made it far more simple to learn about current events and discover new information that might not have been easily accessible years ago. Although this calls for celebration, there are issues that arise as a result of people believing everything that can be found on the internet. There are an array of […]

Finding the most influential movies using PageRank and other network analysis algorithms

Researchers at the University of Turin used network analysis algorithms to determine the most influential movies. Instead of looking at box office numbers (which aren’t very good at determining how influential that movie can be in the future), the researchers looked at references within movies as a measure of success and they used those findings […]

Baseball 3-0 Counts In baseball, the count is the ratio of balls to strikes against the batter. Depending on what this ratio is, can effect many different aspects of the game. When the count is 0-2, for example, the batter must be very cautious and less selective in what they will swing at because one more strike […]

Google suggests that combining pages could make your site rank better

In this article, John Mueller, Senior Websmaster Trends Analyst at Google,  suggests that you should combine weaker, smaller web pages into a single page in order to increase the rank of your site in google’s algorithm.  His explanation for this is that if you have one page with more information as opposed to that information […]

How do trends start?

We are constantly changing how we view the world as well as picking up on new trends as the years go by. What used to be popular a few years ago would now be criticized with new opinions due to how different the world is now compared to how it was in the past. However, […]

A defective auditing market that makes ‘lemons’ of us all This article covers the market for audit services and how it encompasses the “lemon” problem. A report from the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators showed evidence that there were serious problems with 40% of the audits inspected that year. With most markets, if 40% of the goods sampled are defective, it usually isn’t […]

Interacting Agents and Stock Market Crashes While traditional economics are contingent upon individual actors each acting to maximize their own utility, collectively producing aggregate trends, actual aggregate behavior is distinctly based upon the interactions of individuals, producing aggregate trends that are not reflections of single-actor utility maximization. These behaviors can be analyzed to show the difference between “weak” neighborhood interactions […]

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