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On Twitter, false news travels faster than true stories, study finds

On Twitter, false news travels faster than true stories, study finds We’ve studied how information is spread throughout networks, and the effects of these internet cascades. In recognizing that information spreads quickly, is has become important to be able to differentiate between the real and fake news that spreads rapidly through social media sites like […]

Information Cascades in the Stock Market

Link: “How to Think Like Warren Buffet: 5 Stocks that Berkshire Hathaway will Invest in Next.” Article titles just like these are posted all across the internet for individual investors and portfolio managers to peruse. Interestingly enough, information cascades are extremely prominent in the stock market — specifically called herd mentality. When a group of […]

Viralty and Advertising Effectiveness in the World-Wide Web   In class, we learned about information network effects and its implications in the World-Wide Web. In her paper titled “Viralty, Network Effects and Advertising Effectiveness”, Catherine Tucker models the World-Wide Web as a information network and makes conclusions about the effectiveness of advertisements on consumers by companies on the World-Wide Web. Through her […]

Information Cascades in the Flocking Algorithm

Link: An information cascade is often described as a stable network with varying information. It is also possible to have an information cascade with varying nodes. In the flocking algorithm example, we have an information cascade with mobile nodes. Some background on the flocking algorithm. The flocking algorithm is an algorithm on how animals move […]

Social media networks create an environment through which personal satisfaction (payoff) is determined by the opinions of those that a person is connected to. A person in a network can be influenced to change their personal opinion based on the expected payoff determined by the aggregate commonality of those around them. When one particularly influential person […]

Article Link: The last few years have seen the Trump Administration littered with leaked information of various proportions. From the constant waves of firings and replacements among the staff, it is clear that there is significant instability within the Trump White House. As a result of this, officials do not necessarily trust each other and […]

Game Theory Applied to the Trade War This article uses game theory, a theory discussed extensively in class, to analyze the trade war between China and the United States. Game theory predicts that the trade war could potentially be more prolonged than expected. In less than a year, the United States essentially entered into a trade war with the majority of […]

How New Technology spreads (in 5 stages)

Link: This article is about the five stages of how technology is adopted in society. For starters, it begins with the innovators, followed by the early adopters. After the innovators and early adopters adopt the new technology, the early majority of the population begin to adopt the new technology. After the early adopters come the […]

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