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Ads on website

There are techniques that designers and companies have used to organize their sites when it comes to advertisement. The first obvious aspect is that ads are visual. It is really unlikely that a user would pay attention to purely audio ads. Websites use short clips and images to capture the user’s attention. This small span gives the advertiser a chance to wow the user. Ads on websites can be helpful or detrimental to the user’s experience; it is crucial that the advertiser does not impede the activities of the user. Even if certain ads are pop-ups, the user should always have the option of closing the ad. On success, ads can really help a user, especially if the ad is targeted correctly. One way to do this is to show a user something that his/her friend may have bought recently. This can sway the user’s opinion because he/she have seen the “cool jacket” or “sweater” from their friend so informational cascade can be applied. Even though ads can be targeted, they should placed (on the site) at the right spot so that the user can see and click on it. This is the reason why each website have defined regions on the site that advertisers can utilize. These regions have different values, depending on their location and number of clicks. There are numerous ways that ads are used, but I never knew that their relative locations on the site can have a meaning and value that can unconsciously affect the user.


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